Legalization of Abortion In Ireland, Matters Arising & Implications



Legalisation of abortion can only work best if having sex is prohibited law.

Ireland will collapse if she finally ends up to legalize abortion,many abortion rights activists can be made to pass through excruciating kind of physical pains to check up if they will have fear pains on their physical bodies,and where the do then it will be right to apply the golden rule of not doing to others what you would not like to be done to you.

The fetus in the womb and the mother have the same equal rights to life, every I Ife starts at conception and everyone of us could not have come into existence and breathe in and breathe out to enjoy life if we were terminated.

Legislators should join forces to protect the human life with the pro-life movement,more needed to be done to improve life and not to destroy it,only God can take away life, though a fetus can be terminated when the mother’s life is in great danger by law and not the other way round.

But where abortion law should come in then the lawmakers should in turn place a ban on people having sex,you don’t want a fetus and so you want to terminate it ,but you want to have sex and you forgot that sex is what brings the fetus into formation and it was how you were brought into the natural life that you enjoy.

Chinedu Justin

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