Learners hail Nexford’s quality, payment plan



Learners and alumni of Nexford University have hailed the quality of education they got while studying for a Master of Business Administration at the university.

It was learnt that since launching in the market just five months ago, Nexford University has enrolled hundreds of learners in Nigeria.

While giving their testimonials, the learners rated the quality of the university high when compared to others.

They applauded the university’s method of dealing with students, saying it rekindled their learning spirit.

One of them, Rebecca Ebokpo, said that she dropped another university’s admission to attend Nexford.

In her testimony, the mother of two, said Nexford made managing her business, family and academic easy for her.

She said, “Nexford gives an affordable learning environment that is very high in quality, so I didn’t end up trying to spend a lot of fortune trying to get an MBA.

“The payment plan is very reasonable, especially if you don’t have huge sum to put into education at once, so it makes it flexible. Knowing that as a first time learner you get some form of scholarship was an advantage.

“Nexford makes education convenient.
I am a family woman with two children and the challenges became enormous. I was initially considering separation from my family because I wanted to marry. I also have a client base that would require my personal attention. So, I didn’t know what to do. I was confused, but determined to complete my MBA. I saw Nexford online at a time when I already enrolled in another university.

“But when I looked at Nexford’s plan, strategy and efforts that the university is trying to put in place to ensure that it brings education to my doorstep, I thought that I should enroll in that.”

Ebokpo added, “I believe that the knowledge will go a long way with me in managing my law practice and relating with clients on business-related issues.

“I’m happy to be part of the movement to the next generation of education. I am going to use my MBA to support my law practice and advise clients.”

Another learner, a Pilipino, who went to Ghana on a mission with his church, described Nexford as “incredible.”

“When I was in Ghana, I met a friend from Nigeria who later recommended Nexford to me – 12,227 km away, yet connected. The university is incredible.”

Another learner, Victoria Abia, encouraged Nigerians and students to consider Nexford for their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Abia tweeted, “Just look at an assignment! You can’t finish this programme and not know what you are doing. It is not possible, except something is wrong with you. And it’s not like it’s easy to pass. You must put in the work, but it fits around your schedule.

“So, I am taking my third course at Nexford as a BBA student. And I feel like I should just go on the street and start shouting – ‘Anyone that wants to study university administration, either at the B.Sc or Master’s level, should do it at Nexford University. It is such a high quality content.”

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