Lagos:Mosan-Okunola LCDA, making the desired difference


In a bid to bring governance to the grass roots, Tinubu, the ex governor of Lagos created local council development authority(LCDA) This was as a result of fallout between the Lagos government and the centre as of then, more importantly, the creation was designed to quicken development of Lagos. Mosan-Okunola was one of the few LCDA that was created and presently making impact in the areas of infrastructure and development in Lagos with road maintenance .

Abesan Estate ,an estate built in the 80s but seems to be forgotten has heaved a sigh of relief as the major roads in the estate, which has witnessed a population surge due to its proximity to Ikeja has seen roads in a gross state of disrepair. One of the roads are the American Junction – Opeki bus stop! A major road that leads to Ipaja , Egbeda and Abule Egba. With craters in the name of pot holes, motorist have avoided this road and residents have made mechanics their bosoom friends. The road is witnessing a turn around and resident are happy with the LCDA.

In a chat with one of the residents , ” We are pleased to have this road fixed, it means that Ambode is trill working . This road has been abandoned over the years. This singular action has demonstrated that the LCDA is responsible and responsive “, said Funmi.

In a country that local government chairmen have been made appendages and non performers. Mosan-Okunola LCDA is one of the few councils that are working and making impact in the lives of the governed.


Anthony Nwosu


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