LAGOS: World’s 2nd least liveable city !!!


Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, Lagos, has been ranked second on the World’s Least Liveable City by the Econo­mist.

Lagos came behind Da­mascus and ahead of Tripo­li, Libyan and Dhaka, Sene­gal on the yearly report of the Economist.

And for the seventh year running, Melbourne, Aus­tralia is the World’s Most Liveable City.

The Economist further said that terrorism and dip­lomatic tensions are eroding living conditions worldwide.

The Australian city came number one from 140 cities slightly ahead of the Austrian capital Vienna, with the Ca­nadian trio of Vancouver, To­ronto and Calgary complet­ing for the top five.

“This is a win for all Vic­torians, who contribute so much to making Melbourne the best place to live in the world”, said Victorian State Premier Daniel Andrews.

According to Agence Presse France (AFP), the survey, released Wednesday, scores cities on five broad categories: stability, health­care, culture and environ­ment, education, and infra­structure.

The Economist’s Intelli­gence Unit found that me­dium-sized cities in wealthy countries fared best.

“These can foster a range of recreational activities without leading to high crime levels or overburdened infrastructure”, the report said.

Major hubs like New York, London, Paris and Tokyo were hives of activity but lost points due to high levels of crime and overcrowded pub­lic transport.

More broadly, global stabil­ity continued to weaken due to the increase in terror-relat­ed incidents worldwide.

“Violent acts of terrorism have been reported in many countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, France, Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey, the UK and the US,” the report found.

“While not a new phe­nomenon, the frequency and spread of terrorism have in­creased noticeably and be­come even more prominent.”

The United States had seen a decline in a number of its cities over the past few years related to growing unrest.

“This stems in part from unrest related to a number of deaths of black people at the hands of police officers”, the report found.

“In addition, the country has seen protests held in re­sponse to President Trump’s policies and executive orders.”


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