Lagos State, one of the busiest and the most populous state in the country has one challenge – traffic. Traffic in Lagos can be so maddening that it overwhelmed the federal police. Due to the ingenuity of Lagos government over the years, the
Lagos State Traffic Management Authority was created to assist and help in the management of traffic and they have done exceptionally well in that aspect prompting other states to copy them.

Though, we might go to work sometimes seamlessly and in free traffic environment, Lagos residents sometimes are oblivious of the sacrifices, commitment and devotion these LATSMA officials put in place in collaboration with the federal police.

Olubukola, a young female LATSMA official took to social media to tell the country how and what they do on daily basis to ensure that all is well from coordination to execution. In her words she said

“I am a Traffic Officer.I am proud of my Job.
Most of us leave home 4:00:am so you could have a road free of traffic congestion.We get home 11:50pm most times so you get home early.
Do you hate us that much?
Do you despise us that much that you would mob, Lynch, maim us for doing our work?We suffer arthritis for standing too much. We also have body pains for carrying our duties diligently try to keep the Road moving.

She added that “We walk an average of 20km per day within a small space so you could enjoy the road.”

She also continue by exposing the hazards these officials face on daily basis and questioned the mentality of people. She also made the city residents to understand that they are just doing their jobs and not on a vendetta.

‘Why do you enjoy killing my colleagues?
You say we are wicked for just doing our jobs.You condemn us for not compromising our laws. Why do you want us dead at all cost? “, These she asked in a rhetorical manner.

She appealed to people to understand that they (officials ) are human and they have families and emotions and must be understood in their cause of duties. She made people to know in her emotional and empathetic statement that

“We have husbands and kids.We have aged parents.We have dreams and aspirations.

The young pretty official narrated what they experience in their line of duty daily. In a city that is in a haste like Lagos, she explained the contention with some other law enforcement agencies , allegedly she opined that;

“The Police see us as competitors hence they are quick to harm us. Some soldiers see us as a distraction they pounce on us at will. Motorist see us as demons they are quick to maim us. Yet we are simply doing our job”, she concluded in an emotional manner.



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