Lagos Fire And How I Survived By Whiskers – Kenny Adenugba



I just flew back into town and went straight to the office and 6 minutes after, it happened!!! My staff ran in to pick my things and said we must leave immediately. Liquid fire was roaring towards the office and people were running away from it on the street.

What I witnessed yesterday 28th June 2018 was beyond words in its horrific dimensions. A woman lost a twin and while they carry the one that survived was screaming, “mo ṣẹ̀sín” meaning ‘I’m disgraced’. How do you console a woman who just left a child to flaming death and is yet fleeing for her life?

Another whom we helped, had to drag her Sickle Cell daughter through the window and dragged her and her brother, fleeing from the horror. Needless to say that her brand new Toyota Camry, bags and money became burnt offerings. The young boy is traumatised for says to come as he kept crying that he saw a man came down from a car and torched with petrol flame as he was trying to escape falling down roasted. I pray for that boy to recover from the horror imprinted in his mind.

Many jumped into the canal by the mechanic spot. We drove to safety and spent hours in traffic afterwards, but I thank God in all these. My staff could have been caught right in the middle of the fire if they didn’t have to wait for me. Just few minutes delay saved us from personal tragedy. Sleep is murdered. My mind was awake overnight as I could only pray and cry.

As the nation mourns a week long, I stand to declare that the hand of evil be taken off this nation and peace to return to Nigeria 🇳🇬 in the name of Jesus. Our land shall no longer be cursed, but healed of its wickedness. I pray Restoration of goodness and prosperity in our land. Every power of evil shall be destroyed, and the doers of wickedness shall cease from among us in the land of the living.

May the Lord comfort us all, particularly those who suffer personal loss in this infernal carnage.

Peace be upon us all



I am Kenny Adenugba, I declare counsel of grace

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