One Killed Along Lagos Abeokuta Expressway


They have been warned, they have been arrested ,they have been notified and educated yet, they have refused to key into the voice of reasoning or listen to the authorities. Toady,along Cement Bus Stop , Lagos – Abeokuta expressway, an okada ( his name not yet ascertained ) , a name given to the bike riders that uses their bike to carry passenger was killed this morning as he was riding “one way”, a slang given to those that drive against the traffic. He was killed by an incoming van.

Lagos State government,during the era of Raji Fashola made sure that the ban on motorcycle was effective…it was so effective that you rarely see passengers 0kying this bike on selected expressways in Lagos and the Lagos Abeokuta expressway is one of the, but, as it stands today, the bike has grown guys and balls , with LATSMA looking the other way while they only one way especially this sake expressway due to the ongoing BRT Lane construction which has made the road smaller and the traffic bigger.

In a move to meet up with their appointments , lagosians ply these bikes that rude against the traffic not minding the inherent risks and also the mental state of the rider, most are always high on some Codeine drugs. A situation that has seen statistics of broken arms and legs surge .

With the death of this “Okada” as of the time if repute, it can’t be ascertained if he had a passenger or not, but it is likely, due to the fact that it happened during a rush hour time and the bike was heading towards Ikeja from Iayan Ipaja axis.

There has been calls for the Lagos government to expedite the on going construction of the BRT Lane and also expand the road, this would alleviate the suffering of people along the route and also discourage people from entering the bikes.

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