Kingston wins Middle East’s First Award for Best Innovation in Security Hardware





Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., a world leader in memory products and technology solutions; was recently selected as the winner of the CISO 50 Awards for developing the most innovative security hardware in the form of their encrypted USB’s.


The CISO 50 Awards & Forum, held at the Ballroom, Habtoor Grand Hotel and Resort, recognized winners from 50 organizations for their projects in security and initiatives demonstrating outstanding business value and thought leadership. The event provided an excellent platform for Kingston to further showcase its contributions in the technology and security sector through their products and hardware solutions.


“At Kingston Technology, innovation is a powerful driver that fuels our ambitions and our initiatives geared towards strategic enhancement in developing solutions. We are delighted to have won this award, as this win underscores our commitment to introduce our vision and bring forth a variety of solutions to the Middle East market; successfully driving innovation and advancement through technology. Kingston is equally passionate about aiming for excellence in the security domain, addressing the needs of the market and raising the bar for exciting and secure devices built through cutting edge technologies. We are greatly invested in designing a portfolio of products that carry thoughtful features, illustrating our ongoing dedication to deliver quality devices for our customers in the region.” commented Antoine Harb, Business Development Manager and Team Leader Middle East and North Africa at Kingston Technology.


Acknowledging Kingston’s approach to innovation, the company received the honor for its encrypted USB, the IronKey solution designed to be deployed in organizations for keeping information safe. As part of a GDPR solution for organizations to become compliant with the latest European regulations, the USB is protected via hardware-based 256-bit AES-XTS encryption. Access is made through a complex password protocol which reformats after ten attempts, deleting all data and requiring a new password to activate the drive again.  This ensures that even if the device is lost, there is no loss of data.

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