Good Morning everyone. I broke down on Facebook yesterday on my last video. Part of that reason is that I still need to raise money for my upcoming medical bills to treat my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder #PTSD.

Today I am doing an official fundraiser to raise funds for my impending medical tourism bill. Plsss do not mention my family, dad, children, celebrity interviews abroad etc. You don’t know their situation. That simply shows you cannot donate and have no funds. Just state that not point hands at who can donate. I need to raise $250k NOT N100M. It amounts to different values outside Nigeria. My estimated one year of treatment in a rehabilitation center inpatient or outpatient is $400K at Dubai Healthcare city and I’m considering heading to America to activate SSI if I’m eligible within the 60 day review which can also be denied and go into frustrating appeals. Google SSI which are benefits America saves for you in case you experience a disability mental or physical or you DIE. This is also a chunk of your pension benefits when u reach 65yo.

I am trying to focus on my glorious past posting images that let’s me forget my violent horrific Nigerian prison experience. I am not the first to go to prison but I was unfairly incarcerated, lost my business with absolutely no compensation. Modern countries do not detain you in prisons, rather it’s a city jail which we don’t have. My experience with convicts was herrendous. Prison officials who I made friends with and some inmates now home all say I’ve ignored them on Facebook, phone calls declined and some Port Harcourt and Salvation Ministry fans too. Sorry I no longer want anything to do with Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It is a city that triggers my PTSD and may ultimately cause my demise if I end up committing suicide one day. Even one of my lawyers based there understands. Once he returns my passport next week, I may never talk to him again. I have already thanked him. Eugene Meabe and human rights Lawyer Kayode Ajulo worked probono for me paying my N1.2M bail in magistrate and federal high court.

I have lived my life to the fullest, I have nothing to look forward to anymore. My country never celebrated my achievements but another did. The United States gave me everything I have and I worked hard for it too. I have given back to the USA and that is why President Bill Clinton and the US Justice Dept gave me a permanent residence card in the “Alien of Exceptional Ability” category in 1997 a 20yr green card which expired in prison 2017. I may have to show prison papers to renew that. The US mission is aware of my case.

Everything I’ve given Nigerian youth on social media teaching Twitter monetization FREE in 2013 featured in the Punch, free YOUTUBE monetization podcasts and $100 to every fan on Easter from North America in 2009-2012 before I came home, I don’t regret. Now I need people, real people to help me not people who will say later they gave me N100k because I was “Languishing in prison with nobody to help me.” when my prison detention delay had to do with two bail conditions not money. I had no surety (Rivers State level 24 employee) when I shouldn’t have been dragged to Rivers in the first place. They frustrated my release. The other was submit my passport. Nobody knew where it was in the house till the prison comptroller who had sympathy for me brought his phone to me to call my mom describing where to open, keys, clothing, boxes to lead to it. Linda has not apologized for her “Languishing” comment in the Punch newspaper but a socialite Hushpuppi asked me to apologise in exchange for donating and I did it cos it was the right thing to do as I blasted Linda. Every penny counts. People gave me way more than Linda to pay my court travel expenses and my post prison medical bills. Many of you are still asking me if Hushpuppi has donated money towards medical fund. He hasn’t. Some of you calling him names like fraudster, 419 in collaboration with Linda. I cannot independently verify that. Hushpuppi called me the “The Great Nigerian Journalist who empowers people” and I have done my part. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t donate, after all he stated “I will do everything in my power”. Philanthropist Ade Love has donated towards my bill and it was him that did the online campaign that got Justice Oshomah to release my passport.

One I will be gone. My exit is NOT FAR. The main fact is that is I sought for help. We have no suicide hotlines in Nigeria, no 999 or 911. It is a matter of time for all of us to explode. Tell someone what you are going thru. That’s mine.

Donors inside Nigeria at
First Bank of Nigeria
3020832750 Olukemi Olunloyo

Donate Outside Nigeria


Those who call me names like beggar, corporate beggar, mocking me are the same ones lined up in my inbox and DM asking for school fees and kidney surgery money. Fundraising is called #ProfessionalBegging. Raise your own and I will raise my own medical bills for my mental health.


Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo


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