Just Like Innoson, Williams Agbo (Wilgas) is Putting Nsuka In The Industrial Map



No Igbo community or town equals Nnewi in Indigenous Economic Development and Viability. Since the days of Sir Louis Ojukwu (Emeka Ojukwu’s father) till these recent days of Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson Motors), ndị Nnewi, big and medium entrepreneurs, have proven to other ndị Igbo and the rest of the world that a determined and conscious people can grow their economy indigenously from the scratch just with the consistent fire of patriotism and home consciousness. And they have maintained this example for nearly a century now.

Nnewihas inspired some other Igbo towns in this area and has continued to lead the way. It’s now a cultural phenomenon but it took a first step and a first example demonstrated by Louis Ojukwu to begin that journey of million miles.

Williams Agbo, an Nsụka man, is leading the example of Louis Ojukwu in the most recent times in his own Nsụka home country. When most Nsụka rich sons and emerging moneybags are busy erecting hotels and bars where young men and women go to defile themselves or quaff away their lives in some drinking spree, Agbo is busy expanding the economy of Nsụka and employing over 5,000 people who’d make the needed spillovers and ripples in Nsụka, Enugwu State and Igbo economies.

That stretch of land you see barricaded with a colored fence accommodates three of the most money-spinning industries and employment opportunities in Nsụka Town and Enugwu State in general. Williams Agbo (Wilgas) would have taken his industrial clusters to Lagos or Abuja and would have made a kill within a shorter time, but the true patriotism in him — that Nnewi-inspired Igbo think-home consciousness — drove him to look beyond now; to look beyond his own immediate gratification and profit and grow it all from home!

As Nsụka people impressively rise with momentum throughout Nigeria and the world in the 21st century, let it be marked down that one Nsụka man has distinguished himself in pioneering the industrialization of his own place, thus demonstrating Akụ lue ụnọ in a most selfless and exemplary manner and also lifting Nsụka beyond just being the ridiculed never-growing “university town”.

May Williams’ example inspire more Nsụka rich men and women to invest in their environs for a long-term yield and for the legacy of Onye Aghana Nwanne ya.

PS: Bestie Noodles, Solive Oil, Wilson toiletries, etc and Wilgas are all headquartered in Nsụka Town and are equally William Agbo’s industrial babies.

©Chijioke Ngobili, 2018

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