June 13:The World Day of Albinism and Why We Must Accept Them As Humans



I could remember sitting in the front row of class with my albino friend in the seminary school as far back as 1991,he used to stress his eyes trying to read a word from a book,but the guy is exceptionally intelligent.

Albinism is a genetic disorder by which the skin of an individual or an animal lacks the gene that codes for a protein responsible for manufacturing of the melanin pigment, melanin pigment is a protein substance which gives the skin its characteristic color and the pigment plays a very important role to protect the human skin and the eyes , albinos lack this melanin pigment and this is why their skin and hairs look white in color, the eyes of the albinos also need color pigmentation and when it is not there can lead to other stress to the albino person.

Albinism is of two types, the one known as ocula albinism by which only the eyes or the pupils lack melanin pigment which results in the jittery of the eyes making the albino person look at objects with difficulties, the ocula albinism does not affect the entire body.

The second type of albinism is known as oculacutaneous albinism by which the entire skin of the person lacks the melanin pigment resulting in the ulceration of the skin.

Albino people are not evil ,they are our brothers and sisters and have the civil Rights to exist like us,but in some parts of the world these individuals with albinism are killed and sacrificed to pagan gods,some say they are demons and all what not.

Albinism can happen to anyone though in persons with the genetic disorder,but this calls for assistance when it occurs to any of our relatives.

Some assistance that can be rendered to friends living with albinism include advising them on the the types of clothes that will suit them,they should wear long sleeves wears to protect the skin from the UV rays of the sun, the albino persons should constantly wear sun shade to protect the eyes and apply sunscreen lotions to protect the body from accidental exposure to the solar radiation to protect them against skin cancer.

Albino people are humans, killing them is not welcomed by law and God,but all they need is care and accommodation to live side by side with people with the normal skin pigmentation.


Chinedu Justine

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