With My Juju I Would Wreck You : This Is My Real Life Story



Around May, I have noticed real imbalance and lapses in my company. I’d say that the greatest mistake I made was hiring my brother to be my manager. My brother isn’t a bad guy or a thief but he was simply too religious and couldn’t grasp the real deal in running a large restaurant, events centre and bar.
As a Lord’s Chosen mopol, his relationship with our customers were poor. He was only interested in being honest while ignoring what customers needed. He liked doing things the old way and quite opinionated.

And we started losing customers. Money wasn’t flowing anymore yet I sustained their salaries with my personal money. For an events centre, restaurant and bar I put over 15m to raise, would I let it die?
One day, an idiot walked into my restaurant with food. My workers told him we don’t allow people bring food from outside. He thundered out shouting that he will close my place with juju within few months.

Juju Works And So What?
By September, our baseline was down. Nobody cared about customers complaints. From the cooks to the waitresses, everyone minded their own only to be paid by month end from me.
While we were going down, the young man boasted to his friends his juju has started working against us.

DD Orindu Restaurant, Bar and Events Centre at No 8 Marwa Road Satellite Town Lagos is surrounded by a plethora of bukas and tiny joints but we set a class and served the upper echelons of the society. Our services were expensive. So there was no way we would muscle out these bars with cheap foods etc. Since your place serves different customers why attack my place with juju?

First thing I did was to recognize our weakness. Pay off all my workers, close my company and give the guy a false impression that his juju has worked and won.

From October, I shut down my office till January.

While we were out of business, naysayers went about laughing and rejoicing about the power of their juju until last week when I drove to my office with loads of cleaners.

The juju man saw us and couldn’t talk to me. I parked right in front of his bar for him to see that we ain’t say never neither do we die.

To teach the juju man a lesson, I’m knocking down prices of every goddamn drink. Food will be best quality yet cheapest in Amuwo Odofin LGA. We have policemen and OPC everyday. We sale palmwine, nkwobi, fish, ugba, asu, etc.
Our bear will sale at N200 to N250 etc. We are back to business. For Val’s Day special on 14th, DD Orindu Restaurant, Bar and Events Centre At No 8 Marwa Road Satellite town Lagos is a place to chill out and have fun

Dunstan Ukaga

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