Juicing and Why Its Good For Your Health (Sponsored)


You’ve no doubt heard about the juicing phenomenon somewhere in your comings and goings. If it’s not the queen of all media Oprah Winfrey discussing it with Dr. Oz or a late night infomercial giving you a grocery list of health benefits from their high tech juicer, there are always the latest trends in juicing diets as covered by one fitness guru or another.

But you’ve only got two questions in mind: What is juicing and why is it good for me?

What Is Juicing ?

Juicing is the extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables, in an effort to retain all the phytonutrients, enzymes and vitamins the whole foods themselves ordinarily possess. But it does so by leaving behind the fiber, pulp, skin, rinds, etc. that can be heavy on the digestive system.

In fact the digestive system more readily digests liquid than food. So juicing’s first mission is to promote easy digestion. Imagine taking a gold sifting pan and searching for gold in a muddy creek.

You have to strain all the bits of dirt, rock and sediment before you can find the nuggets of gold. In a similar fashion, juicing aims to sift through the plant and fruit tissue to get to the vitamin rich juice.

That being said, eating your fruits and vegetables is still good for your health as it has always been. One of the main reasons juicing appeals to so many people is because it’s not heavy on your stomach. If you aren’t a fan of eating fruits and vegetables, you can down your daily fruit and vegetable nutritional needs in a glass.

The second reason is that it would be nearly impossible to eat the amount of vegetables that you can easily juice in order to gain the same amount of vitamins and nutrients. But hold that thought. We’ll come back to that same discussion when we touch on fruit later.

Juicing can be performed with a blender or with various incarnations of juicers. While a blender mixes everything together, leaving you to do the grunt work of straining the liquid from the pulp; juicers are specifically purposed for extracting the juice from the pulp. There are three forms of juicers.

Reasons Why You May Want To Start Juicing

Juicing For Weight Loss

Energy. Appetite. Nutrition. These are three of the most important factors to consider when trying to lose weight. Luckily, juicing covers all bases – and it tastes great too! Read on to find out the best ways to use juicing for weight loss.

Juicing to Detox

The media is full of whacky “detox” diets. It’s hard to know what actually works. We recommend keeping it simple with nature’s basics – fruit and veg. These 7 juice recipes will provide that boost you’re looking for, without any strange side-effects.

Juicing For Disease Prevention

It’s no coincidence that the incidence of many diseases is on the rise as our diet moves further and further from its wholefood roots. Upping your intake of fresh fruit and veg is known to improve health, but a plate full of greens can be hard to stomach. Blending everything into a tasty juice makes it easy to get your daily dose of natural, disease-fighting antioxidants.

Juicing For Energy

Modern life can be exhausting. Many of us become dependent on coffee and artificial energy drinks, but there’s something better. We’ve hand-picked 5 of the best juicing recipes to keep you fuelled all day long, and they’re packed with nutrients too!

Juicing For Perfect Skin

We all want perfect skin. Instead of blowing cash on cosmetic lotions and potions, why not try something 100% natural? The juice recipes we’ve chosen will nourish your skin from the inside out.

Juicing To Improve Your Eyesight

Have you heard of “xanthophylls”? If you have trouble with your eyesight, you might find yourself taking them in pill form. Xanthophylls are known to benefit eye health. There’s a cheap and natural way to get the benefits from these plant-sourced nutrients – juicing.

Juicing For Your Liver

Our liver is one of our most vital organs, but we rarely pay it any attention. Give your liver some TLC with these 9 cleansing juice recipes. You’ll notice benefits in weight loss, improved energy, mental clarity and immunity.

Juicing For Ulcers

Cabbage juice doesn’t exactly sound appealing, does it? However, if you’ve experienced the pain of a recurring stomach ulcer, you’ll try anything. This article covers all the facts when it comes to treating ulcers naturally with cabbage juice.

Juicing For Your Hair & Skin

Cabbage juice doesn’t exactly sound appealing, does it? However, if you’ve experienced the pain of a recurring stomach ulcer, you’ll try anything. This article covers all the facts when it comes to treating ulcers naturally with cabbage juice.

Juicing For Your Kids

We all want the best for our kids’ health, that goes without saying. Give your little ones an appreciation for wholefoods with these yummy juice recipes that will give soda a run for its money.

Juicing For Colds

We all have the common cold at some point in our lives.
But juicing for colds? That is a tasty, easy and healthy way to deal with it!

Juicing For Hair Growth

We often wish for longer and healthier hair, just like in those shampoo comercials. But that’s not always the case. Juicing is here to help! Get that healthy, long and luxorious hair you always wanted with juicing!

Health Benefits of Juices





























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