When I read that former President Jonathan had been subpoena’d to appear as defence witness in Olisa Metuh’s N400m fraud trial, I immediately recognised a curious situation and was very interested to see how it would pan out.

First, I saw what was happening – Olisa Metuh, having been put in a tight corner (literally, cos a court dock is one helluva tight place), needed desperate measures to let himself off the hook he literally talked himself into in his time as PDP Pub.Sec. Recall that he had earlier offered to refund the N400m he was accused of collecting from Dasuki but if he’s still undergoing trial today, it’s safe to say his offer may have been rejected with prosecutors opting for full trial, so it’s also safe to assume he would be very desperate. Who wouldn’t be?

The way I see it is that Metuh must have relied on Jonathan covering for him since he (Jonathan) allegedly approved the money for him to execute some unmentioned security errand. And since Jonathan distanced himself and left Metuh fighting for his life, Metuh decided to use court summons (as defence witness) to compel the former President to come and officially say what he knows since he allegedly gave approval.

And that’s where the story developed k-leg. I became ‘curiouser’ in what happens going forward.

Now imagine my shock when I read Jonathan demanding N1bn to enable him attend the court sitting! I knew he wouldn’t attend (no be Naija again?) but to say I was flabbergasted at this excuse is putting lightly. N1bn!

Wait o, so if a court orders me to appear before it, I need the parties to pay my own specified amount of t-fare first? Ha! What is Nigeria coming to? Even then sef, N1bn to make an ex-presidential movement within Nigeria? Haba! So are we to believe that every time we see Jonathan anywhere other than Otuoke, we should believe he spent N1bn? If he goes abroad then, it means he can use the equivalent of a state’s monthly allocation to make the journey! Haaaa!

Make una dey fear God small naaaa.

And then I saw Mike Ozekhome bragging on TV about how the bid to bring Jonathan to court is “dead as a dodo” bla bla bla. I’ve always admired Ozekhome (he lives, eats and breathes the law) but his ethics in some matters may bother some people. His boasts on TV of how Jonathan will never appear in court bore the undertones of a man who is confident in ‘another force’ beyond the law to ensure Jonathan’s non-appearance…all these when the man has not even been officially served a subpoena.

In fact, the whole reaction from the Jonathan legal/PR team in this matter is so curious… why not wait until you’re served the subpoena (officially put on notice) before you start filing curious applications in court, the ‘curiousest’ being this N1bn request? You read something in the newspaper, the official notification has not reached you, and you start hyper-ventilating in N1bn bubbles. Na wa o!

The whole N1bn demand even has a ring of yahoo-yahoo about it….just like “give dem bill jooor make dem drop”. So if Metuh drops N1bn now, Jona go show to testify, is that it? For N1bn, you’ll do what you didn’t want or were reluctant to do, nevermind that the subpoena hasn’t even entered your hand, that’s the message, isn’t it? Na wa o!

Everyday, public figures give us commoners less and less reason to be guided by the Nigerian political class. In and out of power they display a most curious sense of divinity-on-earth that leaves the commoner breathless with incomprehension such that those commoners then seek out a greater divinity and say…

May God help us!

~Ikechukwu Obi~


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