From Jamaica: Chika Ike Disturbs The Internet With Her Classy Cleavage In Swim Suit 


Take it or leave it , she can be called beauty and brains at this point in time. She has this bragging right and nobody can take this away from her…a rare combination in most of today’s celebrity. Having graced our screens before and still doing that , Chika Ike can be called an enigma. Coming out strong from her divorce or do I stay estranged marriage.

Chika is here to stay, slaying for them, hurting others and impressing most. The actress took some time off from her busy schedules in the USA for a holiday in the land of patios ,Jamaica !

Chika Ike Slaying Em Slowly

Her fans were taken aback by her wonderful photo shoots that make a professional model green with envy. With flawless skin that would make Elizabeth Arden and Clinique cream ask for her endorsement. Chika Ike has demonstrated that a lady can flow seamlessly in a stretch mark free body. With a body of a goddess and a look of Venus ,Chika has made tongues wagging and talking.

Some of her admirers took the picture from artistic point of view while a lot of them took it from a Puritan point of view .

One of her admirers Ojomo Ade Eniola said ” cover your body please “.

Another took a swipe on her “Harvard league trained boobies ” by Cheetala Ilo .

While some looked at it from the point of class and sexiness . One of them Ure Chokwe said “Dear Chikadibia Nancy Ike, do you know that pictures like these are very clear when taken as you step out of the pool”.

Jibreel Sulieman said “Where is your moral, where is your dignity and respect, where is your culture and religious background? as a woman not even an ordinary woman but an Africa woman, a Nigerian for that matter. You’re one the actresses is respect but with this I’m disappointed in you”, he added angrily.

Chika recently graduated from a Harvard program and she is taking some time off , holidaying. All reading and working but no okay makes Chika a dull lady and she has take time to okay,but this time showing us “what her mama gave her” and trust me , our eyes are pleased with what we saw and we are impressed.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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