Kunle Afolayan & Omotola Jalade Goes To The “Tribune”


Nigerian movies are no more those boring stuff you watch decades ago. It is coming to age! Take this to the bank . Watching the evolution of the Nigerian movie industry, it can be said that the industry is coming of age. With better story lines and acting. Good cinematography, nice directing and improved content and distribution, the movie industry is on its way to the top.

In line with this advancement and movement, in bid to get it done , the new movie by Kunle Afolayan “The Tribune ” which the star actress Omotola, the pretty wife of a pilot starred in is a demonstration of how to shoot a good movie with a budget under a million dollars.

In the words of Omotola and the review, it thus put it this way;

“Exceptional! Powerful! Fantastic! Nollywood brings its A-Game to reckon. ‘The Tribunal’ is a conceited chest-beating exhibition of acting prowess- A true Nollywood marvel. Beware. The acting, the passion, and the fervour; will blow you into a million pieces. They will have to mop you off the floor.

With near perfect execution ‘The Tribunal is exceedingly satisfying. It pleases its audience from start to finish. Not a dull moment to be had. And so, looking around, one will be hard-pressed to find a single dissatisfied face in the audience.

Rather, what you see is an audience captivated in a symphony of absorption, paying rapt attention in beautiful silence. One can almost feel the intensity. And taste the anticipation. And then, without warning, thunderous laughter and machine-gun clapping sporadically fill the hall. Yet, ‘The Tribunal’ is no comedy.”

According to cinema pointer, a review portal puts the movie in a better person give and it captures it this way

” It tells a very serious story with simplicity and forcefulness all at once. ‘The Tribunal’ is a solid drama. A definite “must-see”, with boastful precision, Kunle Afolayan manages to turn simple “

Over the years, Kunle , the good director / producer has churned out great movies with good cast. This movies the Tribune had been predicted to be a box office hit. A good pointer that the Nigerian movie is growing.

Absolutely recommended. Bravo!




Anthony Nwosu & CinemaPointer



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