IWFI 2017: Stakeholders, Tech CEOs and Industry  Influencers Gather For  Technology Conference



The Nigerian technology  ecosystem has evolved to a more sophisticated one, this has seen a clear departure from a voice centric to data centric industry. With the high level of adoption of modern transaction ,digital payments , budding start up ecosystem and a fast adoption of various forms form technology in other sectors of the economy. Technology has been said to be an enabler, on this note, industry stakeholders , watchers , manufacturers (OEMs )and  Senior executives in the technology space will in two weeks gather in Lagos for the Society and Technology Conference – IWFI 2017

The conference convened by the Institute of Work and Family Integration, a non governmental organization, will also feature live exhibitions by some of the participants.

In a hat with the media, the IWFI Acting Secretary, Charles Aigbona said the participants at the gathering would discuss the use of technology to enhance productivity at work. In his words

“This conference is an annual event. This year it will focus on the use of technology to enhance our productivity at work and even the quality of life we live at home”, he said.

“Some of the topics include discovering tools which would enhance your productivity at work, finding solutions to your present challenges with online safety and safeguarding our family and discussions on technology trends which would be affecting the family in the next few years”, Charles opined.

Aigbona described the conference as important for career professionals. He said the family often enjoyed more time from is primary caregivers when productivity at work improves.

“Career professionals can over-come challenges in Work-Life Balance by taking advantage of mobile apps and identifications of detractors in technology. There would be live demonstrations on how to get more from gadgets, smart phones etc,” he added.

Expected speakers at the event include Chief Executive Officer of Multichoice, John Ugbe; Chief Executive Officer,   Swift Networks, Charles Anudu; and Consultant, Code Lagos Project, Ministry of Education Lagos, Banke Alawaye.

About IWFI

IWFI, a nongovernmental organisation has promoted work family balance and good work ethics, through policy research, seminars, conferences, and trainings; working with major organizations and institutions in the last ten years.

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