Time for Igbo Leaders to Stop IPOB madness



The business and political elite from South East, i was told on Saturday have been calling the Villa to thank the President for deploying troops. That they now feel safe because the IPOB guys have taken over criminality and becoming laws unto themselves while the Governors in the region have become helpless because of election as they feel doing anything against IPOB can cost them election.

Niger-Delta people are now regretting how they allowed their own criminality to kill private investment in the region. It will take at least 10years of sustainable peace in that region before any major investment can return. The people of Warri now want Shell back since the economy of Warri collapsed after Shell’s exit. No more night life, clubs, banks, hotels, private schools etc in Warri have low patronage after Shell left.

That Dangote Refinery is sited in Lagos and not Bayelsa, Delta or Rivers while bagges will be used to transport crude from the Niger-Delta has obviously provided a teachable moment. Most major multinational and bluechip investments now go to SW, NW, NC and the closest to Niger-Delta region are those sited in Edo State.

Hope Igbos leaders will stop the madness before uneducated people and miscreants turn that blessed region into another round of bloodletting.

-Temitope Ajayi

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