Introducing Anambra Sorghum to the world


Introducing Anambra Sorghum

We talked about Anambra Vegetables. Some didn’t believe us. We talked about Anambra Rice. Some still doubted us. Now, we have stepped higher with Anambra Sorghum.

I hope they believe us this time.

Look at the pictures below. They are pictures of sorghum blooming in the fields of Igbariam. See how luxuriant they look. This is vision at work!

Well, for those who may not know, sorghum is the essential cereal used in brewing beer and malt drinks. It is a very important raw material to breweries.

Sorghum is usually imported as it’s not grown in Nigeria. That was until Governor Willie Obiano created an enabling environment for investors to move in. Today, Delfarms Limited has turned the verdant green fields of Igbariam into luxuriant tufts of rich sorghum waiting to hit the breweries in Onitsha.

The journey to growing sorghum in Anambra began when Obiano discovered that SABMILLER Breweries in Onitsha usually imported its sorghum to give us our favourite Hero beer fondly called O’mpah! He therefore asked the management of Delfarms whether our soil could support the growth of sorghum and whether the farm had enough capacity to cultivate sorghum in a commercial quantity. The answer was “yes.” Then, he took a facility tour of SABMiller Breweries and asked the management whether they would be willing to accept sorghum produced in Igbariam. Again the answer was in the affirmative. I was at the meeting where the governor made deft efforts to create this important synergy between SABMiller and Delfarms. It is a visionary stroke that has opened a new chapter of excellence in Anambra State.

Now, the fields of Igbariam are laden with tufts of ripe sorghum that will feed the 2.7 hectolitre Breweries in Onitsha.

So, next time you tilt a bottle of O’mpah or Castle Milk Stout or Grand Malt or Beta Malt upwards to let that delicious liquid slide down your throat, do remember that you are drinking of the riches of our land now!

And that is part of what made the historic 21/21 such a sweet experience because now we have come into the full awareness of what we can do for ourselves if we get leadership right!


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