Not to be left out of the global market share, Innoson an automobile producing firm based in Anambra State, Nigeria has used “Lionheart” movie to reach out a wider audience/market. Just like other companies like BMW, Mitsubishi Aston Martin and Bentleys using movies and actors to achieve market share, Innoson marketing team got creative using Genevieve’s international movie “Lionheart” to showcase. A move the media stakeholder describe as a deft and smart move for an indigenous company!

Lionheart, the movie by Nigeria’s finest actress,Genevieve Nnaji has been acclaimed as one of the best flicks to come out of Nollywood in recent time. That’s not even the case , the case is the use of Nigerian product – Innoson cars.

Just like other international actors of repute, Genevieve has joined the creme de la creme of the acting world by endorsing some products. We have seen movies that some cars are associated with actors , Jackie Chan loves Mitsubishi cars and he uses his movies to sell and project the cars. James Bond was a BMW man at a time, he used BMW and Bentleys in their movies.

It’s not a new thing globally but first in Nigeria ! Some years ago,Porsche German firm donated six cars to the movie, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, in exchange for a high profile for its cars. The film, starred Nicolas Cage and Vinnie Jones, will hit UK cinemas

According to Peter Keller, he has this to say about car companies using movies to reach out.

“there is probably not just a yes or no but there certainly are many movies, especially blockbusters as you say, where this is the case. one of the best examples are James Bond movies of the recent past where BMW promoted their brand in an absolutely obvious manner. then there are movies like “the transporter which first BMW and later AUDI sponsored for promotion purposes and last but not least there was i robot with will smith, a clear audio sponsoring as well. there are many more but i think that’s already enough proof to say, yes they do.”

According to Chijioke Ngobilli, a fan , he said “I’m so gladdened to see that the first Nollywood film to be featured on international news media and to be bought by the prestigious Netflix has a lot of indigenous consciousness in it.”

“Genevieve Nnaji —To see that she used Innoson cars (IVM) for her #Lionheart and promoted them deeply makes me more hopeful … represented in physical wealth brought home but in the wealth of wisdom, smartness, talent, strategy and patriotism used to advertise home to the world”, he added.

Netflix announced it had acquired the worldwide rights for the film, this was on the eve of its world premiere at the 2018 Toronto Film Festival.Netflix, Inc. is one of the largest providers of streaming television and movie content on the Internet. It currently boasts over 117.6 million subscribers and partners.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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