The Ink Eraser: Banks, Financial, Corporate Institutions Must Beware (Video)


Technology can be described as either negative or positive, with the new invention of ink eraser that erases ink on a paper, there is no more room for any mistake. Though not all that common in Nigeria and Africa per say, but know that the way we handle and tender document would change forever. Banks would be worried over the authenticity of amount and figures written on cheques, the forensic department would be overworked. In a nutshell, the written document would change forever.

It is the new pen eraser, it has been invented , just like a pencil eraser. It has arrived in the market. Cheques are part of daily lives of the corporate and private organization, cheques issued must be followed up. This is to ensure that no alterations of any kind has been made or would be made, banks and financial institutions must double check these cheques before it is cleared.

For precautionary steps one must take; kindly ensure that put you out a transparent tape on the cheque amount written. This measure would assist in bringing down the level of fraud that would be perpetuated in future. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.



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