Infinix Note 5 Stylus, More Than Just Products- Benjamin Jiang



    I always believe that a product requires more than just high quality, but also ability to give users a feeling beyond the value of the product itself: besides convenience in daily use, it’s supposed to have powerful features that have never been experienced before. Since our first inside evaluation on X-pen, I’ve known it’s the part that give users a sense of value beyond the product itself. Writing on the large screen of 6.0 FHD with the X-pen is like using a pen and paper. You can write down your thoughts and inspiration at any time. And the software, which is also powerful, is able to support the birth of an electronic artwork.

    Infinix is a brand with an attitude of tech, bold, and stylish. We have many talented Xfans who are willing to share. Over 3 million X-fans and users who are extremely enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and prefer the premium of the products have been active in our XCLUB. Thus we started an in-depth exploration of the Note series products more than a year ago and finally decided to upgrade and optimize the external X-pen. We also performed new parameter iterations, which led to a built-in standard configuration. The Note series makes business elites more business savvy, and the X-pen’s feature of screen recording allows users to see Xpen records at any time. To match the upgraded X-Pen2.0, our entire R&;D team also optimize the software with the introduction of the Xnote and Painting features.

    In terms of hardware, we upgraded the accessories of the original Xpen, including the pen tip and the capacitor inside the pen. Xpen2.0 is now the finest capacitive pen in the world with its outstanding battery life. I am very satisfied with the performance of Xpen: it has a battery life of 90 minutes with 10 seconds’ charge, compared to the pen of other brands with a battery life of 45 minutes with 30 seconds’ charge.

    In terms of software, we now have AI text recognition, which converts handwritten text into copyable text and stores it. The Note team is continuing to optimize the software. We believe AI text recognition will be able to identify more languages and even some mathematical formulas in the near future. Let’s wait and see.

    Infinix has an ongoing attitude towards exploration: a better experience for users pushes it to the limit.

    Benjamin Jiang

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