Infinix Mobility Excites Nigerians with Note 4 with. Stylus Pen


Infinix Mobility Excited Nigerians with Note 4 with. Stylus Pen.

Infinix, one of the Nigeria’s leading and preferred smartphone brand and OEM unveiled the new look Infinix Note series with the launch of Infinix Note 4/Note 4 pro in Lagos on July 3rd, 2017 at Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja. With the launch of this device, the smartphone maker has repositioned the brand from a mid range market dominated brand to the top end market.

Coming with some top notch features like Stylus pen, Xpen and super-fast charge. The Note 4 pro has the theme ‘5 minutes charge 250 minutes talk time’ and a battery life of 4500MAH, which charges five times faster and is equipped with Xcharge 4.0. This features plus the massive RAM size for those that multitask. Note 4 can be said to be in a class of its own ,though reasonably priced. So, one doesn’t need to break a bank to get such a nicely crafted device.

Coming in two versions the ‘Note 4 & Note 4 Pro’ with the latest android 7.0 operating system. The phone is positioned to give some big brands a run for their monwy.It also comes with other remarkable features such as 5.7FHD screen, 13MP back camera, 8MP-mega pixels front camera, Xpen, Octa-core 1.3GHz 64bits, 32GB ROM, with expandable storage space to 128gb and 3GB RAM, 4G enabled and XOS 2.3. With these massive features, one can say that the device is loaded to the brim.

With few years in the market , Infinix mobility has demonstrated that Nigerians and Africans can have great devices without necessarily being expensive. With a higher market share of over 30% percent in Nigeria. Infinix brands is the OEM to watch. Having the global best practise in mind, Infinix Note 4 comes with the approved Nigerian Communication Commission type setting and also comes with the approved radiation rating .

According to one of the users Owen G, a popular comedian, he said that ” since Infinix came into Nigeria, he has found one reason or another to stick to the brand. With quality products and longer battery life, Infinix has demonstrated that hood phones can come with good prices”, he remarked.


The launch was well attended by the industry stakeholders, product critics , media executives and gadget lovers. Guiterman, Owen G and Slot phone representatives was present.



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