In Preparation For World Cup, Nigerians Go “Gaga” With Kits


Having lost to England on 2: 1 goal margin, the Super Eagles are in the mind of Nigerians , apart from the world cup or the lost to England , another thing is the kits. The newly-released Super Eagles kit for the 2018 World Cup has raised a lot reactions on social media over its price, a bit pricey for folks. Pegged at ₦30,000 ( thirty thousand naira ) which is more than the average minimum wage of the nation which is ₦18,000 ( eighteen thousand naira) and this pricing has reduced the patriotic zeal of Nigerians majority who are still benchmarked around the minimum wage zone . Trust the smart Alecs ,they came with a copy that is selling about ₦5,000 (five thousand naira ) making it a short cut to patriotism.

Having said that, the kit is said to be one of the “coolest” ever . With suave and sublime design combining the national colors of white and green, making the kit vet cool. Though some Nigerians have said that the Jersey is more of lemon than the national color which is leaf green or deep green .

The original kits have been sold out, reportedly! Nigerian literally qued in line for it and the copy is selling like hot cup cakes. Having gone to the markets to gauge the tempo and the way the kits have been selling, one of the traders known as Mike said that ” Here in Lagos, Nigerians love football and the government has been using sports as a unifying factor, this has made people to buy the Jersey to support the national team and business has been good irrespective of the slow growth of the economy .”

Femi , one of the customers at the popular Lagos Island market said that ” Going to the world cup ain’t a walk in a park. As a Nigerian , I am happy that we qualified for the mundial and it is my duty to wear this as a mark of respect and patriotism. I am buying two, one for me and the other for my better half ” he said jokingly.

Unlike the plain jerseys of before, this new kit looks more like an Ankara or print with designs that makes it more of a fashion statement than a sport statement. Nigerians been lovers of fashion are wearing the kit with jeans and denims. Ladies fitted theirs to suit their sublime bodies.

As the National teams go to Russia, they should understand that Nigerians “got their back” back home. The new Super Eagles kit is designed by Nike. The kit has been voted as one of the best in the world and Nigerians are hoping that the team be one of the best in the tourney.

Emeka Tony Nwosu


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