My painter came in from Cotonou Monday afternoon, and resumed to a site in Mende-Maryland immediately.

Between Monday afternoon cum evening and 7 a.m. ! (36 hours), he has double-screeded the project walls, and sand-papered same to satin smoothness. He slept on the site throughout.

When he called this morning to announce he was through and ready to go back to Benin Republic, I asked him to pass the phone to the project owner, herself a very critical lady and producer of bespoke articles of international standards.

When I asked if she was absolutely okay with his job, she gave a definite yes.

Now to my point. The job Joseph came in to do, is what any Nigerian young man can do. The wages he earned in less than 2 days, despite my not paying heavily, equals a week’s pay for a grade level 10 civil servant.

Yet, while Beniniores come here and deploy good skill-sets to earn income, our young ones sell all they have, to embark on journeys of death and slavery to Europe via the Mediterranean, claiming lack of opportunities back home? Others that stay back, gamble and drink dangerous alcoholic beverages: refusing to learn anything of value?

The harvest in Nigeria is humongous and profitable, just that the true labourers are few.

When next these lazy (but entitled) ones ask you for help, ask them how they have helped themselves? Ask them what skill-sets/competences they possess? Tell them, unless they know how to fish, their plates shall remain empty!

By Eruobodo Lanre Oyenuga

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