The issue of Ike Ekwremadu has been in the news lately! Some say that he is unhappy with PDP, some said that he is ungrateful! Some said that he is angry at Peter Obi! While some days that he is vexing for Atiku Abubakar! All these are figments of uncreative imagination ! The man has said that he is happy and he is still in PDP ! So why this hullabaloo over a man that has stood to his ground? He hasn’t moved unlike fair weather politicians that move from one party to another in a speed of light ! Making mockery of the theory of relativity. Like a Northern star! Ekwremadu is constant and he has demonstrated that! Few of them are like that in Nigeria …like the Americans would say, “they don’t make their types again ” , politicians of Ekweremadu’s mould are rare !

Why do we make mountain our of Mike hill! Why do we cry wolf where there seems to be no hope ! Ekwrremadu never said that he is leaving PDP but the media went and said that he is leaving ! What a travesty ? The man has said that he is a member of PDP and the Ike I know is a man of his words ! If he would leave , he leaves but he hasn’t so let’s cut him some slacks !

Not yet done , they said that Ekwrremadu wasn’t happy that Obi was selected ! I was like , what the hell ? Ekwrremadu has been in power, the No 4 man all these years and so the issue if obi been selected or not doesn’t arise because Obi sees Ekwrremadu as a brother and a big one for that matter. I wonder why people are bent on putting a wedge between two brothers or is it a sinister plan to put the south east in disarray inorder to get more votes ?

They said that Ekwrremadu isn’t happy and hasn’t been rewarded…the pained and the experienced law maker in a bad mood so they said this started after the PDP convention. This is totally false. The Ekwremadu we ,the good people if Nigerians the Igbo people know isn’t an ungrateful man. He has not and has never demonstrated ungratefulness ! He has always been loyal ! Unlike other party members that move from one part to another , Ekweremadu has been a loyal man and stood for something – the emancipation of the Nigerian masses. Saying that Ekweremadu hasn’t been rewarded for this is the height of travesty and thus casting the noble man in a bad light. Ekweremadu has always been the Deputy Senate President and also he has acted on various capacity in the senate and other places under PDP, so one begins to wonder when they say that Ekwremadu isn’t happy ! These naysayers want to put Ekwremadu in a spot. Ekwrremadu has made it clear that he is in PDP, he also made it clear that he is a happy man with aims and aspirations, yes, like other human, he is ambitious ! His ambitions lies in the area of ensuring that people of Nigeria and constitution is upheld. Having been a legal luminary over the years, he understands the need to be focused.

Ekweremadu, just like others, he mustn’t be loved by everybody, that is humans for you, but what we must know is that it’s is always be nice to be on the side of truth and masses and that is what Ekweremadu is doing ! Is he a happy man ? Yes ? Is he angry at PDP ? No is he a grateful man ? Yes! Does he have any emotions ? Yes , as a human he does ! So the question is ; why blow Ekwremadu’s emotions out of proportion? Is this a ploy to see that brothers are at loggerheads? Is this a ploy to see the PDP in confusion ? Is this a ploy to see that Peter Obi is painted with a bad brush ? Is this a ploy to sell that the Igbo are not united ? Your guess is as good as mine

Chukwuemeka Ekpegbuom

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