Watch the Video as an Ijaw man takes a swipe at Dizeani , Charly Boy and others



A region that is volatile, just like the crude  oil they produce, they are like a tinder box. Many have said that the region is the goose that lays the golden egg and has been treated with kid gloves. People have wondered why take take to the creeks whenever they are either broke or want their demands met. It is a fact that their region is in a mess due to the enviromental impact the crude oil have . They can feed, fish or farm as it was reported , but the Government has started cleaning up exercise in some of the areas like Ogoni. This is in conjunction with an Oil major, though, the villagers have come out to deny this.

In a country like Nigeria that is battling a lot of things ranging from the recession to the Boko Harram terrorist in the North, Seccessionist in the South East and now this from the Niger Delta creeks. Ijaws are noted to be Riverside dwellers, producing the life wire of Nigeria’s resource – crude oil. Noted to be militant and fighting for their right, especially in the areas of environmental degradation and involvement in crude oil drilling process (up stream and down stream)

They were compensated by having a special ministry (Niger Delta ). In this video ,an ijaw chieftain derides Dizeani (Former petroleum minister ) Charly Boy ( An entertainer with some weird dressing ) and other who are not in support of their plight.


The Ijaw man took a swipe and the owners of the oil well and lamented the situation they (Ijaws) are passing in the Nigerian political and economic space


Watch the video


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