Igbo Presidency, Zoning Arrangement and The Rest of Nigerians


A lot of politicians have bandied the concept of Igbo presidency, presently the present adminstration seems to be selling the idea that they should be allowed to complete their tenure and then usher in the “golden era” of Igbo by gifting them presidency!

Gifting Igbo presidency is the only thing that they want to sell ,that’s all! They don’t seem to care of Nigerians don’t seem to care the quality of the “so called Igbo president” or any president for that matter provided it suits the geographical zoning arrangements! That is what we have today. Zoning, zoning and zoning , though it’s a good arrangement but we shouldn’t kill meritocracy on the altar of zoning formula.

Lately, I was listening to a radio programme on “the possibility of an Igbo president after Buhari’s 8yrs”. To my amazement non of the callers of Igbo extraction bought into it. Their concerns centred only on good governance, not where the president come from. All of the Igbo callers were against using Igbo president to elect an incompetent man for another 4yrs of hardship.

After the programme, I started thinking the reason behind other Nigerians accusing Igbos of tribalism, when it is obvious that Igbos stand for justice and equality for all.

The programme exposed the hypocrisy of other Nigerians, and confirmed that Igbos are only for good governance not the origin of the person providing it. This is the reason Igbo are the only group in Nigeria challenging this shithole created by the British for their economic and political convenience, while others are killing their fellow Africans to preserve it for the Brits

It is unfortunate that after we have witnessed the monumental failure of caring so much of where the president or the governor comes from, It’s still the determinant factor of electing the president and the governors.

Not that Nigeria is a shithole that is the problem, it is the pace at which Nigeria works hard to become something worse that sh..hole that bothers me more.

Freddie Ude


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