How An Igbo Man Wedded Two Women The Same Day


This happen in Abiriba Abia state yesterday ….. he married two women at the same time in Igbo land. It is not as if this is aberration in Igbo land. During the days of yore or olden days Igbo men marry two or more wives. As the most educated tribe and exposed tribe today, the Igbo are begging to jettison polygamy. Just like other parts of their culture which they term bad, such OSU caste system .

Oh yes, we have a clear understanding tagging scarcity of husbands is becoming endemic and women are loosing it . Some have gone the lesbian route and the men going the sex doll route. This has put pressure on these unmarried ladies and spirit spinsters. Women do everything to secure a man attention from using fake butts and boobs to bleaching and voodoo to even physical combat to secure that man .

In this picture , an Igbo man wedded his two brides. The thing that is worrisome is that these ladies wore wedding gowns meaning that they were either wedded in church or Register ! So the big questions is : is this a new trend where churches and Register? This is polygamy !

The handsome gentleman wedded this beautiful ladies …on the same day. Though we might frown on it ,the ladies have worn the gowns and frowns now shouldn’t be the best in town because we wish them happy married life!

This is good… This is beautiful….

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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