There has been calls for Restructure lately and this has reached a crescendo that it can’t be ignored. In some quarters like the Eastern part of the country ,they have taken it further by calling for outright seccesion! And these are the consequences of maintaining the status quo! If the country doesn’t restructure,it will soon collapse and there are indices and pointers towards this. This is not a doomsday prophecy but a realist approach. We have seen how countries that played the ostrich collapsed like the bigger USSR et al and we pray that we don’t head towards that path of perdition and self destruct. We must do the needful and we must do the negotiations. The American intelligence thought it would collapse before 2015 but God saved the day as they say by GEJ accepting defeat.The post election violence of 2011 would have looked like a play fight or even dwarfed the 1994 events in Rwanda.All the signs are back now. Early this week Nigeria was ranked the 13th least stable country out of 178 countries in the world for the second year in a row,on the Fragile States Index, FSI, released by the Washington DC based Fund for Peace, FFP.We are in the same position with Zimbabwe and just behind South Sudan,Somalia, Central African Republic,Syria, Libya etc The Army chief is worried about a military coup.It is important that we understand and formalise our position and quickly adopt a common ground. I am opposed to Biafra restoration or any proposed republic that involves the Igbo sharing a country with other smaller ethnic nationalities. If something happens,I would like us to cling on to a restructured Nigeria.The 36 states can be rolled back into 6 states along the existing 6 geopolitical zones.Any smaller territory can opt out of a state and exist autonomously as a union territory similar to the structure of India.Ogoni can become a union territory and opt out of SS state. Tiv can also opt out of NC state and become a union territory. The Constitution should guarantee a federalism similar to that of 1963.If this fails and a consensus could not be achieved,the Igbo should then propose an Igbo republic with capital in Enugu and seaport in Opobo. We pray that it doesn’t get to this. We are entirely supportive of one restructured  Nigeria as an option. If Nigeria survives and continue to make progress as a country,it serves the Igbo better to remain in it and work toward its perfection. This is my core political position.Dont ask me again what I stand for tomorrow.I have a thinking that Nigeria should be made competitive by creating regions and this will bring out the best in every region and not this robbing Peter to pay Paul system where many states that’s are not self sufficient are allowed to stay afloat.       Mbe Nwaniga and Anthony Nwosu

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