Illumination Assembly, God First Ministry Int’l Ajah lekki recently experienced a widely robust thanksgiving which left everyone present epitomized with a heart of gratitude. The presiding pastor, Bishop Isaac Idahosa taught on APPRECIATION IS AN APPLICATION FOR MORE, which he emphasised on WHERE ARE THE NINE? quotes a verse from the scripture in Luke 17:7..

“In life, no matter who you are, you need somebody to talk on your behalf for your sake”, he said.

He continued in his speech still on Appreciation when he made an illustration that ‘The church is not far when you have a need But when your needs are solved you have enough reason to say the church is too far’.

Those who are used to the anointing dont appreciate the anointing.The host, Bishop Idahosa added by saying that Appreciation is important to God, it begats more so much that the creation of the other days didn’t come until God appreciate himself, he saw what he created and said ‘”It was good”.

In essence to this, the bishop advices members to appreciate themselves even if no one does. God appreciate himself by saying ‘It is good’ In the course of the program, the bishop ordained some dedicated members as Ministers in the church, he saw the need for them to be anointed as the people of Intergrity, Character, and Excellence are Minister Nnamdi Ozor, Minister Barry, Minister Tom, Minister Sunny, Minister Praise, Minister Omolara, Minister Nancy, Minister Maya, Deacon Ikechukwu, and Deacon Gabriel.

The program ended when the host prayed for members saying”I WILL NOT BE REPLACED, I WILL NOT BE DISPLACED, I WILL NOT BE REMOVED, I WILL NOT BE KILLED”. Over 3 thousand participants were present at the Thanksgiving Service as Lunch were served.

Emmanuel Clements

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