It is popularly said that ‘You can only be remembered for what you have done’ Bishop Isaac idahosa of God First Ministries Intl, Illumination Assembly has won a brand name for himself by exercising love for the less privileged, hosting a program titled Compassion Sunday which is a love demonstration service to the people of Lagos where he had charity works, otherwise doing what Jesus did according to john 14 vs 12. Jesus said he that believes in me greater works than this shall he do.

Bishop idahosa and wife blessing the food stuff before distribution

“The clergy said in his speech that Jesus came to express the love of the father and he commanded us to do likewise.There is nothing too big for us to do for one another while following the foot step of Jesus Christ who loved us unconditionally that He gave his life for us. If we believe God we must live the life of God, it’s about duplicating the love of God and radiate the light of God which darkness can never cover”, Bishop Idahosa added
We should love each other according to the saying in the scripture, love your neighbour thy self. So many people are not love oriented they don’t know how to show love, love is beyond prophecy, prophecy without love is vanity.

This is the reason why God laid it in my heart to preach love, not only to preach love but also to demonstrate love by helping the needy. When hunger is eradicated from the land, crime will have no space, when there is peace in the home, then there shall be peace in the country, when there is love there will not be any killing of innocent soul, evil thought comes to one when love is absent. A man that is hungry cannot serve God well neither can he serve the country well.

This is part of the reason why God laid it in my heart to support Nigerians with food materials, in our last Super Compassion Sunday held last year where drugs materials was given to old and young, money to support business proposals and also give buses for as many that can drive. I preach not to condemn anybody in this country but I preach to save the lost.

He also urged political leaders to stop leaving for prosperity and live for posterity, as they will give account to God and man someday. They should be able to utilize their influence positively and think of what they want to be remembered for. They can stock all the money but one day they will die and leave the money behind. Our logo is Transporting Light, Transforming Lives and Everyday is a plus.

Emma Clems

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