Today we took our Presidential Campaign to Abia and Imo States. In Aba I commissioned the Ariaria Market Independent Power Project. I assured the business owners in Ariara that under my watch, they will experience better days. Greater prosperity is coming.

With this new IPP, 4,000 shops in Ariaria now have dedicated power. Our plan is to extend this to all 37,000 shops. Being a market that supplies shoes, bags, clothing and many household accessories to Nigeria, and many African countries, reliable power supply is very critical.

I was told that before this intervention, Ariaria’s traders only got 4 hours a day of electricity, and paid exorbitantly for it. This is the sad legacy we inherited, but which we are replacing with reliable power supply that is cleaner and better for our environment.

I am perplexed by the fact that those who turned their backs on these problems when they had the chance to solve them, somehow still have the courage to campaign about unemployment and poverty.

It is gratifying to note that Nigerians can see the difference. Methodically, slowly, but very efficiently, we are cleaning up the mess; moving our economy away from rent and arbitrage and resolutely building an economy that rewards investment, enterprise and hard work.

I thank all the people who came out today in Abia and Imo, to welcome us. We are greatly encouraged in our journey and our mission to take Nigeria to the Next Level. We will not let you down.



Culled from Bihar Social media page

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