I Absolutely Like The Idea of Young People Getting a Quota – Yemi Osibanjo


The need for the younger generation to be engaged in politics has been reaffirmed by the vice president, Prof Yemi Osibanjo. As the campaign season commences , there has been calls for the youths to be part of the trend and jettison the idea of politics isn’t our thing.

Speaking at a forum few days ago, his excellency Yemi Osibanjo said that

“As a young person, I belonged to several pressure groups. When I graduated, I participated in various pressure groups, human rights organisations, anti-corruption and civil society groups of every kind.”

He added that “When political parties started forming, I didn’t aspire, but I remained involved.”

Young people can make a difference. Nothing is going to change overnight, but we can make efforts to change the process, the vice president remarked .

“We can do a lot more, but it depends on our commitment. I absolutely like the idea of young people getting a quota in the party structure to run for office”, he added.

The vice president has called the youth to utilise the new political narrative and join politics to make the needed difference in the country’s political and economical landscape.

Anthony Nwosu


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