Humility na the best choice!


Life na jeje… swagger na maga

You use BlackBerry to oppress, now everybody dey troway Black Berry for dustbin.

*You used your Bigboy Camry to buga, now boys use Camry to do taxi.

*Before you dey use your plasma screen dey swell…. now dem don dey use am watch ball for buka.

*Before you dey use your ipad dey swag… now ipad na heavy load to carry comot house.

*Before you go dey use brazillian hair dey form big girl, secondary school students don dey wear am troway.

*Before you dey go vacation for obodo oyibo, dey talk pass yourself. Now boys dey buy 1st class ticket dey enter Yankee just to go lick ice cream and charge phone battery.

No dey over do like say dat tin no go reach another person hand. All na vanity, e dey fade pass Aba jeans trouser

No foget say tortoise car na big man motor before O.

Notin wey come wey no get expiry date, even the life wey you get go expire one day.

Serve Baba God with correct heart in truth and in spirit, serve humanity with sincerity.

Humility na the best choice!!



Robert Uko

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