Our history matters and there are things that our forefathers did that are presently inimical to our success. The Bible is so clear on this and the Bible said that the sins of the fathers are visited upon children to the fourth generation! So the earlier we start understanding this concept the better for us.

“As a deliverance pastor , I have come to see a lot of manifestations. People might look at things from the carnal aspect but we have the Spiritual and it would be waste of time to tackle spiritual warfare with a physical war tools”, Fred Obetoh said.

In a world that is filled up with evil, we must be careful of gifts ! What we give and what we receive is imperative and where we sleep we must sanctify. There was a preacher that went to hotel as slept in a hotel without praying in the room but unknowingly to him the bed was used for homosexuality and the spirit of homosexuality tried to invade him. The truth is that homosexuality is what is frowned by God.

When you see your kids misbehave there are things that make them misbehave! We must get these things correct. Just like Job, if you are steadfast, the devil would or might try you via the kids. These are spiritual problem we must look into.

Too much in a hurry has put Christians in a harm way and road to perdition. We have show that we are too much in a hurry and this isn’t the way God works. We have to take this slow ! We as a Christian must be very careful whom lay hands on us and pray for us.

What we are not committed to we don’t know anything about them . Some young ladies would be like “I wanted to marry ” and they would head to marriage without ascertaining the spiritual settings of the family and the lady would marry a spiritual impure family. This is Africa and a lot of folks must have done a couple of terrible dedication centuries ago and these must be corrected before we can succeed.

Ephesians 5 vs 26 was clear on the way Christians are sanctified. In John 4 vs 14 supported this notion. With water of life and the power of Holy Spirit , we can be delivered.

Going to church is one thing but the ability to key in becomes imperative! We have to understand that we must key into the Grace. This is a non negotiable position. Church is good but the whole thing transcend beyond that.

When men sleep the evil one come and see a seed ! The Bible is clear on that! Many things are affect us via the sleep. Things like eating and other things. We can get contaminated via sleep if we aren’t careful. Many Christians because of food and little things to soil their future. How can you be so desperate that you are broke and that you want to be rich yet you go to the native doctor and he stays in a hut! It doesn’t make sense how can a man living in hut give you mansion? Sometimes desperation makes Christians loose their commonsense! We must be faithful to God !

We must be careful whom we meet to be our spiritual guide! Especially now that we have fake pastors around. I could remember the miracle God used me to do, it was when a dead woman was raised! I must be honest , the woman was keen on going and she wanted to go but when she died , I was called by the daughter that ” she is the only daughter and has no father and no relatives that I should come and pray for her dead mum! Having just finished 7 days fasting and the Lord grace is upon me , we went and by the Grace of Almighty God ! The woman was raised but she wasn’t happy because she wanted to ” go ” it was an agreement she had with some forces but the will of God prevailed! God is amazing and she was raised!

In 2nd kings 2 vs 19 – 26 , the issue of bitter water was raised again and they were in need of deliverance ! We must know that if we are coming to church we must come with a mindset that things are going to change and know that the best thing that ever happen is worshipping the true God!

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