We are  in a fast paced world that slowness is going out of fashion. With lots of technological advancement being patience is mostly frowned upon. Folks are in a haste and patience is becoming a luxury most can’t afford. Patience is pricey!

People are losing the virtue of patience and everyone is worked up and in a haste, including Christians, but God commanded us to be patient with him and things. We must take things as they come or unfold.

“They that wait upon the Lord would have their strength renewed”.This is a biblical injunction and the Bible was clear on patience and it’s important. Christians must take note of this.

Patience can be defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. This patience is also a virtue,  but it is going “extinct” in today’s world.

In the Bible  1 Samuel 13 vs 5 demonstrated how Saul was in a haste. This attitude made God to be annoyed with him. We are too much in a hurry! We try to push God to do things not at his own time,  but our own time and we know that it isn’t possible. Being too much in a hurry is the bane of all evil things. Folks don’t contend with the things they have and wait to get bigger things thereby doing nasty and dirty things and as a Christian, you must have this in mind that patience is key!

As a country, we are too much in a hurry to get things done without following the growth curve. The need to follow growth curve is imperative that is patience. We are not patience with anybody, Nigerians expect any administration to have a magic wand to do all things in a jiffy. We must try and understand the concept of patience.

In the Bible, Saul was in a haste to do some certain things and this was his greatest undoing. Saul just went and made a sacrifice without waiting on God and God really dealt  with him. God always wants us to have patience.

There is level of patience that God has given us and being a God that is just, he understands the patient limits and wouldn’t stress us more that that but unfortunately, we Christians would want in now!

We are in such a perilous state that you would see kids making money and driving big cars at 18 and 20yrs and nobody is talking. How can a youth make such a money without growth curve? Today you see a bunch of lazy youths that wants to be overnight millionaires without paying the price ! Steve Jobs, the founder  of Apple computers never made it in a bang! He grew and learnt around it. Today , he is a household name.

Many of us are in too much in a hurry with God, but the snag is that God would do any – thing at his own time not yours.  Many of us want to help God, but we do this without his instructions as Saul did. What we must know that whatever we go through, God would see us through only of we can wait but unfortunately, many of us would look for other ways to get things done. We want it quick and fast! We forget that short cut always cut us short.

Don’t be in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean that we should be lazy. Too many Christians would sit back and so nothing and expect manner from heaven. You must work and leave the rest for God! This is faith with good works and a high demonstration of patience.

Inpatient folks have a problem with a smile! The lack of patience is very destructive be it spiritually or materially, this is what destroys the testimonies of many Christians.  Just like Saul, impatience can make us lose what God has for us or given us.

In Psalm 37 vs 7, the Bible made it known that the end of the patient man is always peaceful. It was impatience that made the prodigal son fritter away his inheritance on booze and women. The Bible made us to know how he was impatience and he wanted to let the father give him his own share of the  property, he had it and how did he end.

One of the best examples of patience in the Bible is Abraham. When Abraham was around 75 years old, God promised him that he would have a child. But Abraham didn’t see that promise fulfilled until he was 100 years old (Gen 21:5). Abraham did many years waiting for a child, though Hagga came into the scene.

“When we wait, we build our strength: As we wait, we will grow stronger in our endurance through suffering. Waiting helps mold us to be a more fruitful believer”, Christi Given.

The lack of patience has made a lot of this wrong in this country such as we have, I’ll equipped artisans that doesn’t have the discipline and patience to learn the trade. People today don’t learn how to understudy people and you would see a situation and not only that, even in Christian – world , where one just wakes up and say that he is called and opens a church! Going to bible school doesn’t and wouldn’t make you a pastor! Being a pastor has a lot of attribute and one is being patience and listening ear.

Waiting patiently has a lot of advantages such as , it renews your strength, achieve God’s plan in our lives and also it demonstrates how we have put our faith to work.

If you are not patient with God, he would let you see the other side of life. Why can’t we be patient with God? We just have to learn this vital virtue! Most of of don’t want to start small , we want to start big and this is too wrong. Despise not the days of humble beginning.

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Faith Cathedral International Ministry

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