How Kano Citizens Swam Away Their Lack In Ganduje’s Swimming Pool


Parks are luxury in Nigerian cityscape , some administrators consider it a waste of public space and folks consider it elitist. In saner climes ,public parks create avenue for families to relax and bond. Parks have swimming pools and greenery but due to dearth of this , people are yearning for a swim and Kano citizens have taken a dive ! An action that demonstrates how they have missed swimming !

These pictures might be disturbing to some of you that are from sane climes but what you see is what you get ! This is Kano City, the flagship city of the North and the citizens have taken a dive in an improvised swimming pool damning all consequences. We hope and pray lives don’t get lost from this nonsense.

Allegedly, they budgeted N4b for a subway that was totally unnecessary and began construction. Watchers have asked of what need is the subway is it for bragging right or functionality. Kano traffic isn’t up to that if Lagos but the busiest city , Lagos doesn’t have such a facility . Though long overdue , Lagos government hasn’t developed the courage and the will to have a decent subway rather taking the short cut of demarcations and building BRT lanes without future projection of population growth, but Kano has the will to build this but there is no need for this project. The city of Kano is still troubles by many devil’s such as high rate of illiteracy, poverty and to some extent religious extremism. These are more pressing issues.

Now back to the overnight swimming pool, The equipment used for the work has been submerged in the rain which would cost an arm and foot to fix, irrespective of this , the new found swimming pool is still alluring to the citizens !

When government have oil money coming steady, Dutch Disease sets in , they won’t build factories when you can build Eiffel towers. Though the subway is important in the city of Kano but it isn’t the most crucial thing in the scale of preference. Education, capacity building and enabling environment should be crucial not Subway! Kano folks don’t need to cry a river again…the river has been “made”



Anthony Christopher Chukwuemeka


Photo Credit : Tracy Ogor Erelu Lilian


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