How Fake Prophetess Scams People In Lagos


There are certain things I will hear and I will begin to fear. How can you give birth without physically getting pregnant? No baby bumps, no baby kicks, no labour pains! Just a drug induced fatness and an imaginary push! No baby came out inbetween your legs yet you were forced to accept a baby as yours and also forced to come for Thanksgiving for safe delivery. Please has anyone heard or experienced something like this before? Hear her :

“There is something important I want to confide in you about my daughter. Actually, I am not sure she is mine. I am not her mother. That is why I always tell you that I want to have my own children. I started taking care of her from Birth. She is not my husband’s child too! My husband has sperm problem. It all started in 2012 due to the way he was always abusing me and beating me, cheating on me with different girls. I insisted on sperm count analysis and with pride, he told me he was going to prove me wrong and throw me out only to find out that his sperm was 1%. He went to Federal Hospital and they said it was 0%. Then my husband started threatening me that if I leave him, he will kill me. I could not cheat on him because it was against my believe. Before he discovered his problem, he used to treat me like a house help and a cheap prostitute, humiliates me in public.


A friend of my husband directed us to one church in Lagos owned by one Prophetess the East and located at Nnadi Street off Ilewak Ikotu Egbe. The whole thing of fake pregnancy started there. Ben I am telling you because I trust you, my best confidante. I cannot tell anybody this, not even my mum. She will expose me. That prophetess is evil. The most evil igbo woman I have ever seen. Ready to do anything for money. I was never pregnant but the woman made me to believe that I am pregnant. The first time we got to her church, my husband and I were asked to go to the women lodge and sleep. There are two bedrooms where they camp women, they sleep on the floor with mats. Some of them are already pregnant and some are waiting for her to confirm them pregnant. I was asked to stay in the women room, collected a card and number to see the prophetess. She placed me on 3 days prayers and fasting and asked me to pay 50k for oil. I paid! My husband went to lodge in a hotel because he could not bear the mosquito bites and sun flies. He went back home after the prayer and I was to stay until the woman confirms me pregnant. I stayed there for over a month, until she called her assistant Chioma to call me and ask me to pay N150k for me to be confirmed pregnant. I begged to pay N100k. In the church all payments are made one on one, no bank transaction, I paid and she said I can go and do thanksgiving that I am already pregnant; I was asked not to go to hospital that it is super Natural pregnancy that no Doctor will detect it; they gave me oil and one liquid they call blood of Jesus to be drinking and I paid 40k and I was ask to be paying consultation money of 5k every week till I deliver; as time goes on I started getting fat. In the seventh month they call me to come to Lagos for Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving money before the seventh month is 400k. After the thanksgiving, they ask me to pay 700k before my delivery if not I will never deliver; I got to find out that most of the women that are in the church carrying pregnancy for 2yrs, some 3yrs, 5yrs was because they don’t have money to pay, so she will never deliver them. Out of the 700k, I beg to pay 500k. The pregnancy does not show in the test.


This is a very big church, consists of igbo women from oka, onitsha and Aba, most of them husband, their husbands are rich; women do not go into labour by themselves, they will be the one to call you to come and deliver, no labour pains, no bleeding, on delivery night they will ask you to come with more money, some 800k, some 600k, she does not care whether you have it or not. I spent one year carrying the pregnancy, the baby never turns or kicks. some women put clothes in their belly to convince people about their pregnancy, she gave some drugs to be getting fat like me, women breast does not lactate after delivery except they do something about it. Some other women like my friend also find out the child was not her own after everything. That is how I ended up with my only daughter. No labour pains at all. I was just told to push but nothing came out of my pussy. My breast milk didn’t flow. When I find out, I could not tell my husband, the child was my only company, he was desperately ready to accept any girl pregnancy. He always take out his frustration on me, beat me with wooden mop, drag me on the floor even though he was the one with the problem.”



Written by: Ben Victor

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