House of Reps Cars and The Rest of Us


In the face of these austere times, the House of Reps has taken delivery of 200 brand new Peugeot cars meant for its members. Another 160 to be delivered before end of this year. This singular action has shown the way the “honorable” members and their leader views Nigeria and her economic situation.

I hear each of the cars cost N17 million. That amount multiplied by 360 is the amount the nation will sacrifice to the House of Reps members cars alone.

The cars are in the personal names of the members. Which means the cars are their personal property.

In 2019, there will be another general election, and some of the current members may not be re-elected. Those of them who won’t return would leave with their cars. Those re-elected, will be eligible for another brand new car less than four years from now.

Is there still any question that the only segment of the Nigerian polity not making any sort of sacrifice for the nation is members of the National Assembly?

But it is okay. We keep lamenting without doing anything. The National Assembly is a good place to start the much-talked about restructuring.


Joeseph Adimabua




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