Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia Parleys with Director of the University of Benin teaching hospital, Professor Darlington Obaseki



Prof. Darlington Obaseki of the prestigious University of Benin teaching Hospital UBTH led the top management board to the office of the executive chairman of Egor local government council, Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia; on a courtesy visit as well as to inform her of their founders’ day ceremony and their 46th Year Anniversary that is slated to hold between 6th to 12th of May, 2019.

This year’s event is unique as it is centered on the historic foundation by which the institution was founded.

It will be recalled that UBTH as a federal government tertiary health care institution, was the brain child of Dr. Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, a former two time governor of Midwest and Bendel state. Coincidentally, the biological father of the executive chairman of Egor local government council.

On this premise, the institution Chief medical director, Professor Darlington Obaseki reiterated the fact that this year program of event will be tailored in the direction of bringing health care and its benefits closer to the door step of the common man on the streets.

On what Egor local government area stands to gain from this year’s event, the Director of Research and Ethics, Professor Omokhhoa Adeleye said, this year’s program will include but not restricted to, establishing a mobile out post at the Uselu market, thus, the need for the executive chairman as a grass root politician and people mobilizer to be involve.

By this, traders in the market, which include women and men as well as buyers of goods and those who render varying services, will have access to basic health benefits from what doctors, nurses, lab scientists, pharmacist, and the many different health care specialist in UBTH as an institution, has to offer in terms of health education, health screening, health testing and so on.

On her part, The elated executive chairman of Egor local Government council, Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia, proudly took quality time to appreciate the visiting team as led by Professor Darlington Obaseki, the institution’s Chief Medical Director as well as took the opportunity to inform them about her cottage hospital project currently on going in Egor community.

She told them that the project will be due for commissioning on or before December this year.

This project is designed, she said, to bring health care at its barest cost and maximum benefit to the common man on the streets.
The Cottage Hospital Project is designed to have, medical lab, male ward, female ward, labor room, children’s ward and other basic but essential medical health care facility within the hospital.

It is clearly obvious that Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia, the executive chairman of Egor local government council and the daughter of Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia, is not only pragmatic in terms of bringing the democratic benefit to the people of Egor at all given time and chance, but also a sound service provider … She has truly come to “serve the people and not for the people to serve her”.

Among the team of visitors from UBTH are the Chief Medical Director, Prof. Darlington Obaseki, Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, Prof. Casmir Omuemu, Deputy Chairman, M . A. C. Clinical Services, Prof. Ôbehi Akoria, DCMAC, Research and Ethics, Prof. O. A. Adeleye and Deputy Director, Nursing Services, Mrs. E. A. Osian.

Those who stood by the executive chairman of Egor to receive the guest include, the secretary of council, Hon. Betty Omoruyi, the Head of Administration and general services, Dr. Charles Okpere, Supervisory counselor for health, Hon. Aivihenyor Christopher, Head of information, Mrs Augusta , Head of Environment, Mr Friday Ebohon and a host of very top government functionaries.


Stanley Atafoh

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