Holy Communion and Jesus Christ As The Bread Of Life – Fred Obetoh



John 6.48 ” I am the bread of life ” a short verse and straight to point. Jesus Christ said that he is the bread of life. The other following verses said that during the ancient days that your fathers ate manner and died but he is the Living Bread Which came down from heaven. This is the position of Jesus and what he stands for! This verse showcased Jesus as the key and The Living Bread”, a clear position that Christians must always key in and this verse is one of the critical verses that set Christianity apart from other religion….presenting Jesus Christ as “The Bread of Life ” though this verse was of contention those days and so it is as of today.

In churches today, Christians must have a clear understanding that their pastors are Christ’s representative here on earth. Christians must try and understand the need to always know that ministers are appointed by God….this should be at the back of every Christian and they must know that these Men of God are humans and Christians would be encouraged to always pray for them.

Bread is a very important food during the time of Jesus Christ and it is still today. So this verse demonstrates how important it is for Christian to have Christ in them. Jesus Christ is the “Bread of Life”

Holy Communion in churches is so unique that Christians are encouraged to partake in it. HERE IN Faith Cathedral International Ministry, The need to be part of the Holy Communion is so important that people had encountered the miracle of God via our Holy Communion! We attach importance to communion that we see it as Christ manifestation in physical form, to us , Holy Communion is not to be taken lightly.

The Body of Christ is not the building or the church! If God isn’t dwelling there , it’s just a social gathering. The Body of Christ is such that it lives in us . “Christ Lives In Us ” and our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

God had manifested His Goodness via the partaking of holy communion. We have seen testimony

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