The greatest problem we have today is the believe system. This is one sore point that we Christian face on daily basis. The need to believe in God and his time is imperative. Though, they might not make logical sense but yo God he knows it all. A double minded man is unstable in his ways. We must know this and get this fact right.

According to Merriam Webster, unbelief un·​be·​lief | \ ˌən-bə-ˈlēf  \ is incredulity or skepticism especially in matters of religious faith. Though our believe system varies, some trust in horses, some trust in chariots but some trust in arm of flesh , these would fail you as a Christian. Mark 11 vs 23 demonstrates that essence of believing. In this chapter, Jesus Christ demonstrated the importance of believing using mountain as a case study.

Many Christians are close to their anointing and breakthroughs but the issue of doubt and Thomas mentality in them  takes these breakthroughs away. If Christians could have spiritual eyes and understand the negative impacts of unbelief in their lives they would change their orientation. We shouldn’t act like Thomas that was constantly doubting the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

At a stage in life , there are situations that one would face and it would be like you are forsaken! It does happen and even Jesus faced it and he was so emotionally down and he asked his disciples “can’t you just stand with me for just an hour.” In that present time, an hour is akin to a century,  but the disciples became deserters! Oh bear it in mind that if Jesus faced that how much us, but just like Jesus Christ we have to believe in God ! We must always hope in God irrespective of the options the vain and mortal world is presenting to you.

If you have faith like a mustard seed, all things are possible . The Bible was clear on the position of faith. The big question is; Do you believe ?  Most Christian run to prayer contractors that might use the term pastors , we know that we have real pastors and the real pastors would always tell you the true position of things and as God want it to happen not the way you want it. The believe system is so important and vital that we always key into the ministry of God and know those that God called to do his work and believe them!

One thing we must realise that God has always been the same yesterday, today and forever! He is constant and this is what we must always know. I could remember after how many years we waited for God for the fruit of the womb! Years passed and decades and at the end of the day his ave us twins and that is why we must know that God can always change our situation. We must believe always believe, this is non negotiable!

” Humanly speaking it’s not possible ” that is a popular cliche but we tend to forget that with God all things are possible!  What you believe is what works for you. Even in physical world what you think of yourself is what comes out. Optimism is a form of believe. It might tarry but never think that you are wasting ]our time , do know that God is teaching you a lesson so that you don’t waste the blessings. The need to wait and have patience is also a factor of believe.

Though some Christians complain too much , some said that they aren’t married , they should know some few things like waiting on the Lord.

The other area of believe is the one self. After God, one must believe in oneself. the average Christians must have a self believe that is unparalleled. This is important ! This self belief would propel the individual to succeed.

Don’t you even get angry or envious that God is blessing others. If a man is destined to get anything , no matter what you do he would get there! God created destiny and never look down on anyone all you have to do is that you must believe in yourself and respect others. Respect is reciprocal!

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