Tigernuts what is called ‘Ofio’ in Yoruba and “Aki Awusa” in Igbo language are largely unknown and especially their nutrients, here in Nigeria it is eaten for recreational purpose not therapeutic or health purposes. The product is mostly hawked in wheelbarrows in the streets under nasty, flimsy and dirty atmosphere, this is coupled with little research on this wonderful product.  ChiTola an indigenous agro-allied product marketer, with years of experience in the agriculture value chain has brought change to the way Nigerians see this product and the company is opening a new vista in the medicinal benefits of this product by modernizing and making this great products available in stores and online portals in their newly unveiled multipurpose Tigernut powder.

Bringing Tigernut availability to the fore, the company took time to list the benefits of Tigernut and how it can be used. We tried Tigernut tea and it came out good and better than most of the tea and above all very economical. Globally, Tigernut has always been recommended for those that are allergic to cow milk or soya milk. In Spain Tigernut are closely linked to the production of horchata (Tigernut milk). Internationally, scientific studies have found in these tubers all elements and nutrients that should be consumed in order to pursue a healthy life.Related image

Are you desirous of reducing fat or maintaining your waistline, trust me; this food is great for you. We all know the function of fibre in foods.  According to scientific research by Tigernut Traders, an international group of traders that deal in Tigernut derivates, the report said  “The chemical composition of tiger nut outlines the large amount of fiber that it contains and which is clearly beneficial to keep the digestive system in perfect shape. Ingesting fiber is the best ally to end constipation problems, since fiber is a natural stimulant to evacuate regularly. The fiber is present in all diets that aim to loose weight and are widely found in foods such as prunes, chia seeds or whole grains. However, it is proven that fiber levels found in the tiger nuts are superior to this food. This is why these tubers are now beginning to get more and more popular. The increasing consumption of Tigernut flour may seem novel, but it has been made since ancient times. Now that there is a great demand for new products and healthy flavors, when the popularity of the tiger nut begins to spread around the world.”

They added “Among the benefits of consuming fiber is also the property of whet appetite. Not surprisingly, the effects observed are directly proportional: the sooner the feeling of satiety appears, better results are obtained in weight loss goals (for those involved in diets to reduce their weight). It is proven that the fiber remains longer in the body of people and provides a high caloric level. This element is also an important regulator of blood glucose levels.”

Corri Piggott, an international consumer of the product, she said “Bought some recently and have been enjoying them just for a natural ‘sweet’ and have managed to lose a lot of weight very gradually since Nov. 2016. At this point I was borderline Diabetes 2. These and dried apricots, figs, prunes really help and with an all plant-based diet I can eat as much as I like and never get hungry also it’s made me pleased to be doing my bit for reducing humanity’s damaging impact on the environment, as it is a more efficient use of resources, requiring less energy from fossil fuels as well as less land and water. So, thank you for your helpful information on Tiger nuts, I’ll certainly be spreading the word.”

The report also added that “The tiger nut, apart from flour (as noted in the previous section) is also presented in the form of milk. Apart from the traditional cow or sheep milk (the most consumed; especially the first), in recent years plant milks are increasing their popularity in comparison to traditional milk. For example , soy milk is getting more and more adepts committed to a healthy and balanced diet. The success has been so great that, at present, soy milk is present in supermarkets and has positioned itself as a high quality product to combat, for example, high cholesterol levels.”

“It’s true that Tigernuts are low in fructose. Nearly all its sugar is composed of glucose. On the other hand Tigernuts have a quiet high amount of resistant starch (and starch in general) and therefore are potentially high fermentable in the gut. Nevertheless, Tigernuts milk and flour is well tolerated by many people with IBS or other digestive disorders. It very depends on the individual toleration”, the report stated.

In an era of high diabetes due to lifestyle and the type of food we eat these days that are mostly non organic and manufactured. This has raised the diabetes epidemic in the country. Having lost many loved ones due to this disease, one must ensure that the need to consume foods that have low sugar, especially those type of bad sugar that affect our bile and insulin has been advised and  as it stands today, Tigernut is  “bae”. The high non soluble fiber contents of the Tigernuts help the diabetics to regulate their sugar levels in the blood. Recent studies have demonstrated that the fiber doesn’t elevate the sugar levels in the blood as the carbohydrates. So you can see the more reason you must make this product your companion. Thankfully, this product is widely available via the ChiTola !

On average, one ounce (28 grams) of Tigernut tea, you have these goodies such as Calories: 103–121,Fiber: 2–7 grams, Carbs: 9 grams, Protein: 1 gram, Fat: 7–9 grams, Vitamin E: 278% of the daily value (DV) ,Iron: 13–40% of the DV ,Phosphorus: 9–11% of the DV ,Vitamin C: 2–8% of the DV ,Magnesium: 7% of the DV ,Zinc: 5–7% of the DV, Potassium: 3–5% of the DV, Calcium: 1% of the DV and other trace minerals which our bodies really need to function optimally.

Are you losing it in the bedroom and you are desirous to up your game and move away from “one minute” man to a long lasting man without adverse effect like heart attack, by the way Tigernut takes care of your immune system and heart health but now , it also helps in boosting your dwindling libido. As an aphrodisiac, a cup of Tigenut tea does wonders to the system down below.

In a scientific report by Takarudana Mapendembe, he opined that a team of scientist,  Ayodeji Augustine Olabiyi and colleagues, 2016, evaluated the enhancing effect of dietary supplementation of tiger nut and walnut on erectile function in normal male rats. They fed the rats with a supplemented diet containing tiger nuts and walnuts for fourteen days. After fourteen days the rats showed significantly increased sexual behavior, hormone levels and antioxidant activities. The researchers concluded: “These enhanced activities could be part of the mechanism by which the nuts exert their aphrodisiac properties.”


“Tiger nuts and fertility are closely connected. According to the recent investigations, which were carried out by the most reputable scientists, tiger nuts provide the novel treatment for infertility in men and women. It was proven that they boost sperm count and egg quality”,

Speaking to the media during a media interaction, Chi Tola said that “we have been in the business  of adding value to agricultural produce and not only adding value, we try as much as possible to make this product readily available and cheap. We noticed that a lot of Nigerians are malnourished, though, most of them are ignorant about this and that is why we try as much as possible to bridge this gap.”

“We have made this product in flour or powdery form so that you can just add it to hot water and drink. We have also made snacks like chin-chin out of it so that you can enjoy this at your convenience.  With two thousand naira only, one can get 500 grams of this wonderful product. We advise people to come to our farm at ChiTola Farms Limited, 29 GRA Road, Sabo Sagamu , Ogun state  and see how this product is made in line with the global standard practice. We are particular about hygiene. “




Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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