The recent imbroglio between one of the Nigeria’s foremost Industrialist, Innocent Chukwuma ,known in the manufacturing circles as Innoson and Guarantee Trust Bank Plc, a financial institution in Nigeria with interest and physical presence in some African countries have been once again brought to the public arena via the gestapo arrest of Innoson in his residence few days ago. The social media has been pretty busy with a lot of people calling for the boycott of the bank! Reportedly, some accounts have been closed , Innoson freed and Anti graft agency , EFCC embrassed.

Today, some or most organisations have come to realise the power of social( new) media and the influence it wields in the public discourse. Today, the narrative has changed for good! The era of traditional media where few media houses determine what goes to the public has gone for good or gone with the winds.

Information decision and critical brand visibility rest in the hands of people not some few PR firms. The last presidential election brought to the fore the power of social media with the #change and this saw the present APC government waltz to Aso Rock .

As the Innoson – GTB bank unfolds , folks at GTBank are trying very hard to spin themselves out of this negative publicity they found themselves , with many people closing their accounts lately ,this is an act to register their displeasure and show solidarity to the Innoson cause and above all the banking perception in Nigeria, this many people have said that it isn’t what is applicable globally and not in tune with global best practise !

The social media has made Nigerians have a voice ,from the IPOB boycott and rallies to the issue of Special Anti Robbery Squad ( SAES) and the issue of tithing ,which Freeze tagged freeing the sheeple. A movement that gathered momentum on social media and had made the Nigerian christians understand the nullity of paying tithe ,also Freeze social media against the tithe issue has made many pastors and church owners change their modus operandi.

As the Innoson – GT Bank issues is on, there has been calls for people to close their account. Some folks have adhered to this directive. It is alleged that 18billion Naira withdrawn by Customers and tons of accounts closed down in GTBank within two days of *#FreeInnoson* protest

This is the power of social media , Nigerians have started utilising the power of hashtags and social media to make their voices heard!

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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