Infinix Mobility, one of the foremost Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has been making waves over the years. Though , not one of the early birds in Nigerian market, the device maker can be said to be a darling of Nigerians. With the recent Note 5 unveiling, Infinix would be cementing their position on the hearts of Nigerians as the desired phone! A feat that other OEMs might be envious of !

Having been an Infinix user for over six years, I have come to associate a couple of things with the brand, as a media person I have come to love smartphones that gives me great images and also pocket friendly. Had romance with the Note 1 then moved to Hot S now to Note 4 with stylus ! One notable thing about these devices are their picture quality and simplicity, you just have to give it to them.

Yes, simplicity in their designs are things about Infinix, most of their phones are aesthetically captivating in a simplistic way. Infinix has come to understand the concept of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Their phones don’t come with unnecessary faux metal silver chrome that tends to fade over time …with Infinix devices , what you see is what you get. Some come with metal body, one of my favourite metal bodied Infinix is Hot S, a phone that comes as flat and sleek as it is, with fingerprint as a standard and chameleon Operating System this has set Infinix on a class of it’s own.

One thing is having your device running in android which almost all the device makers are using but another thing is giving your customers exclusivity in an over populated Android ecosystem! Infinix understands that we love this exclusivity and bang! They gave us Xstore , Xshare, Xclub and all the Xs that you can think and also great updates virtually on weekly basis!

The Infinix team must be pretty busy ! With tons of update that is so amazing, the device maker was one of the first to introduce facial recognition on their phones. If you don’t have this feature, don’t fret! Just set your phone on factory setting , update and here is facial recognition that is so fast! I give it to Infinix.

Having used Infinix for years now stuck with Note 4 which is equally amazing with over 4300 mAh battery, the industry watchers and consumer behaviour specialists are wondering … if Infinix is taking over ?

“I love Infinix and I have come to love e good picture , this Hot 6 has come handy and sleek, it’s the best feminine phone I have, with the features of masculine phone yet sensual to hold as a feminine phone ” said Funmi Ogunlesi .

“Infinix as a device has impressed me over the years, though the first editions had funny battery life but with these new devices in town especially the Note 5, which the reviews are amazing, I think I would be going for it “, Obinna Ikebuka , an ICT expert added.

Not all rosy, with some drawbacks like lesser RAM size, as it stands heavy users want smartphones with 4 Gig RAM size and 64 Gig in built memory space to avoid the drawbacks of having external memory ! Infinix is yet to capture the hearts of extremely heavy users. With no scratch proof body, one is forced to always use protective casing and no Gorilla Corning glass that can make the phone truly rugged. Well, you don’t blame the device maker for targeting the mid range market with some of the great features.

Though , these few drawbacks might be associated with their devices , the OEM compensated the loyal fans with top notch after sales, guarantee and most importantly the availability of the parts. As it stands now, in no time, Infinix is on its road to becoming the desired smartphone in Nigeria

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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