The Billionaire founder of GUO Group Of Companies Chief Godwin Ubaka Okeke just turned 70 and he was celebrated Nationwide. He is one of the very few early Transportation companies that have modernised and revolutionalised the Transport ecosystem in Nigeria and West African .

Here are 5 Powerful quotes he dropped to mark the occasion.

1. “We still hear about Coca Cola and other big companies whose founders have long gone Some of this companies are over 100 years old. In Nigeria many businesses have collapsed shortly after the persons with the vision passed away. “

2. At the age of 70, I believe I have done more than enough for myself. I need to rest, my children, my relations and workers, they are all coming of age, why don’t we start planning on how to hand over to our children.

3. ’What we are suffering in Nigeria Business today is a lot of people moving into business especially transportation without proper calculation, without endurance and experience. You see money flowing in, if you don’t know how to control that money, it will disappear.

4. I am among the pioneers to start transportation business in Nigeria. Many of my mates then have collapsed.

I used my money to buy properties, Some of them used their own take so many titles; some married three to four wives, so the money was lost. it is one problem people suffer not only in transportation business but overall business

5. The time has come for the older politicians to allow the youths to take over the leadership of the country to enable them drive its development. The Future belongs to the young and not old.

Happy birthday to him…

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