GTBank popularity wanes in South East as Igbo and others Besiege The Banks To Close Their Accounts In Solidarity With Innoson!


The Innoson and Guarantee Trust Bank Plc has taken another dimension as the bank puts up a Publicity stunts at their Facebook showing how they are a bank that supports the entereprenuership and aspirations of Nigerians! This post as it with other posts in social media spaces got comments but majority of the comments were showing a low confidence and distrust of the bank. In their Facebook post ,the bank didn’t expect the impact of the Innoson arrest and the colossal damage it has done to it’s brand.

As few days ago , Igbo and those in South South Nigeria are closing their account from GTBank, the bank is at loss on the next logical step to take. With over 10 billion withdrawal from people that are closing their accounts in solidarity with Innoson and his incarceration by EFCC, The bank took to their Facebook page to show their love for Igbo by their latest Publicity stunt which many people see as medicine after death.

According to the financial house Facebook page ,it states

“Meet 18 year old Biochemical Engineering PhD student, Nkechinyere, a beautiful, young and smart woman who documented her memories and experiences while schooling into a beautiful book titled ‘Tales of an Uber Minor in College’.

GTBank is committed to supporting talented individuals motivated to change the world through creativity, entrepreneurship and reading.

Would you like a copy of Nkechi’s book for free? Just say YES. #YouRead #EnrichingLives”

Though, this might be seen as a damage control but some Nigerians use the opportunity to bare their minds and told the bank off. One of the response the bank got was really mad at the bank and has this to say

“Hypocrites, why supporting Nkechinyere when some people from the east are not happy for your evil support to Innoson. You will take our COT to declare your fake profit every year without support small business with common 500k, even when u have good business to do. If you want to challenge it. O ya come for me…,bunch of hypocrites.. . Did u pay Nkechinyere school fees from primary school? U don’t support people’s dream na talent u want support….if your no1 & 3 citizen can forged a certificate and document respectively, what’s special about Innoson. Abi u don’t take millions of COT from d transaction? D same way u destroy HiTV dream and u let Dstv take over d market till date, pls don’t let anything happen to Innoson motors o,…who d talent epp?….if u want to support talent, Ronaldo & Messi is ther go and support their talent and close all ur branches……” Said Gbolade Adegboyega .

Another of the response the bank got was from Andrew Richards Asazobor , he said that

“Well said. This is the best way they’re trying to boycott their inability to satisfy clients.

What is the hope of entrepreneurs in this country sef? And the funniest part CBN and the FG has been silent about this whole saga.”

Some like Sunday Osikhuemehe went spiritual and said that

“Every evil gathering against Innoson motors God in Heaven shall scatter them in JESUS name. Amen.”

Frank Tochukwu Nnabugo siad

“People!!!! As at today in anambra, all branches of GTbank are flooded with people …everybody is closing their account……

If you have money in GT bank…..withdraw it now until everything comes back to normal…

To avoid stories that touches the heart…

A business mogul at Onitsha yesterday closed his account oo….

How much money remain naaa??

Withdraw your money oo…

I have transfered the small one I have to another bank….”

Maxwell Uchendu from Onitsha, the commercial city of Anambra and the city that hosts the biggest market in West Africa said that

“I was at one of your branches in Onitsha and the crowd seems so overwhelming today but i noticed most of the customers didn’t come for a normal transaction but rather they’re all asking for one thing which is attention from some of your staff. I reluctantly had to ask one of them who looks very much like a wealthy business man. what is the problem…? and he replied back to me… i just want to close my account with this bank… when i tried to ask further question the man couldn’t give me any further attention because he was just busy talking to one of the staff to attend to him. I simply became suspicious of the whole situation maybe the bank is having some financial crisis which is the reason why the crowd all wanted to shut down their account… I have no choice but to hurriedly ask my account officer to effect the closure of my company accounts because I don’t want to be caught unaware before it becomes too late.”

Though the bank responded that “Hello Maxwell Uchendu, Thank you for your interest in GTBank. We hereby reassure you that the Bank is in great condition and remain comited to providing excellent services to our esteemed customers. Cheers!”

As it stands now, it looks as if that GTBank is having confidence issue especially from the people of the Eastern Nigeria ,who are notably traders and in solidarity with the gestapo and commando arrest of Innocent Chukwuma the CEO of Innoson ,the car manufacturing firm based in the Eastern NIGERIA. The bank didn’t see this coming and maybe looked down on the power of social media and solidarity. A time the Eastern Nigerians travel back to their places to have a reunion , this is the time the bank as it is allegedly put, though they seems to have denied that by arresting the businessman that employs thousands of Nigerians ! Would GTbank come out of this weaker or stronger in South East or would they be relegated to a regional bank? Time would tell

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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