What is group identity? Group identity refers to a person’s sense of belonging to a particular group. At its core, the concept describes social influence within a group.

I recently read an American Soldier about the difficulties in their country including debt, poverty, murder rate, drug and social vices. He was honest to tell the real situation of things in his country not the one CNN wants us to see. In fact, he admitted that a lot of average Nigerians are richer and doing better than an average American who is buried in debt, college loans, mortgage loans and whatnot. A typical westerner would take 5 years or even more to pay off a car loan but an average Nigerian will have to pay complete cash in one-go to own the same car. An average American would take about 30 years to own a moderate house but an average Nigerian would build a mansion within say two to three years and in some cases within months.

That brings me close to the crux of this post. There is one thing about complex issues. Just as referenced by the Soldier, an American who’s poorer, without college education, with obvious difficulties to afford some basic things of life would always feel superior to some other persons from another country (with bad government) who is better educated, without debt, without college loan, a good source of living and can employ and feed the former. That is what is called group identity, a very bad feelings that trumps up complex issues.

Coming down home, certain people would always feel superior to others even when the most propagators hardly can afford basic things of life and barely educated. It is not uncommon to see some people from a section of the country or state to feel they are superior to others even when the person sayings so is not in anyway personally better than the other who he/she wants to denigrate. That’s what I call group identity, it is also in politics in such case it would be called identity politics.

What these people fail to know is that such complex is an attitude of superiority which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure. Most of the people who engage in such false and make-feel-good complex issues are often than not very divisive and dismissive. It is okay to highlight some areas which some people are better gifted than others but it is also right that the other group are better in other areas in which the former are conspicuously lagging behind. I don’t see why some humans should feel superior to others, it doesn’t make sense to me. I severed some many relationships in the past just because I found out such persons have complex issues—though not towards me as a person but their mentality were clouded in such complex issues. I normally try to stay distant from such personalities.

Ogechukwu Abia

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