Meet Grace Mugabe, the Younger, Prettier, Future President Of Zimbabwe


Robert Mugabe, the man that has brought game, Fame and to some , ridicule to Zimbabwe in particular and Africa at large is an old horse. Pretty old that he is likened to proverbial cat with nine live, as it is with everything in life, Robert is playing his epilogue out and doing that keenly! This might look like the twilight period for him and the curtain is closing down on him. Mind you he is a few years shy from being a century old! He must rest but he is looking for a viable successor, just like other long serving leaders ! From, the look of things ,the mantle has fallen on Grace, his wife ,40 years younger!

He must quit , he must leave the stage , he must leave ZANU PF, he must leave power and that is what he intends doing. Leaving the power he held isn’t the thing, the snag is to whom ?


A lot of people has been jostling for this ,but it is said that Grace, the pretty wife and younger wife of Robert has been earmarked to be the future president. 40 years younger than the henchman, Grace becoming a president of Zimbabwe might see Robert’s sins washed away and she will be the pontificating priestess, that is if she eventually gets to that position.

Pretty, smart and strong. Pundits have labelled her green horn, considering her history of starting as a typist in the date house. Over the years, gracefully  has Demonstrated grace, poise poise and above all ambition which is the major ingredients that spur us.


The tendency for Mrs Mugabe being the president is high, considering that this is Africa, where aberration is norm and norm seen as abnormal. She is likely to be the chosen one! Would she ,with her beauty bring out Zimbabwe from the woods ? Time would tell


Anthony Emeka Nwosu



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